Wild Florida Photo -Sandhill


Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
Marion Co. FL 03/29/19

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Sandhill is a high and dry pine forest with an open savannah-like understory that is typically made up mostly of wiregrass with scatterings of herbaceous wildflowers. Longleaf pines predominate, often augmented with turkey oaks, both having root systems that allow them to obtain the necessary water in this habitat. The soil is deep sand and the savanna is maintained with frequent small wildfires, naturally ignited by lightning. This periodic clearing of the undergrowth allows the wildflowers to grow without competition from shrubby plants that are not adapted to the frequent fires. Fire is also a critical component in the reproductive cycle of both wiregrass and longleaf pines.
The same day (and in the same area) I photographed Florida false sunflower.

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