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Pleated Inkcap

Volusia Co. FL 07/12/22
Found throughout Florida, Parasola plicatilis is most prevalent throughout the eastern United States and along the west coast. Also range ... more

Fungi at Wild Florida Photo


An index of the various fungi images at Wild Florida Photo

Kingdom: Fungi
   | ... more


Fluted Bird's Nest

Volusia Co. FL 09/09/17
This tiny cup fungi is less than 1cm (~3/8 in.) in diameter and is widely distributed throughout North America.
For an interesting desc ... more
Lake Helen  FL


Volusia Co. FL 09/11/11
There has been an increasing awareness recently of the import role that pollinators play in the natural ecosystems and the complex web of life. ... more

Everglades Sunsets

Monroe Co. FL 01/30/20
A nearly week long kayaking adventure in the Everglades National Park during early 2020 presented some opportunities for sunset photography. Th ... more
Everglades National Park  FL

Juniper Prairie Wilderness

Marion Co. FL 03/31/19
The Juniper Prairie Wilderness is a designated wilderness area of over fourteen thousand acres in the heart of the Ocala National Forest in nort ... more

Little Talbot Island

Duval Co. FL 12/30/17
Big and Little Talbot islands are known in Florida for having dead trees on the beach. Normally they have fallen and are partially buried in th ... more
Little Talbot Island State Park  FL

Jelly Ear

Wilson Co. TN 04/30/21
These fungi are commonly called jelly ear, and also sometimes wood ear. There are numerous similar fungi, however I believe these are probably ... more


Havana, Cuba 02/16/19
This page will feature a select collection of images made in Havana, Cuba in February of 2019.
November of 2019 will mark the 500th ann ... more
Cuba  CH

Dryad's saddle

Haywood Co. NC 04/26/21
Also called pheasant back mushroom or pheasant's-back polypore, Dryad's saddle is a bracket fungi that grows on both deadwood and live trees, mo ... more

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