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Havana, Cuba 02/16/19
This page will feature a select collection of images made in Havana, Cuba in February of 2019.
November of 2019 will mark the 500th ann ... more
Cuba  CH

Haw Creek

Flagler Co. FL 04/09/16
Haw Creek originates in several branches draining the wet flatwoods of north Volusia County and south Flagler County. The creek flows through a ... more
Flagler County  FL

Hopkins Prairie

Marion Co. FL 03/30/19
Hopkins Prairie is located in the Ocala National Forest between Salt Springs and Juniper Springs.
About five miles of the Florida Natio ... more
Ocala National Forest  FL

Ocklawaha River

Marion Co. FL 11/25/11
The Ocklawaha River flows north 74 miles from Lake Harris in Lake County passing through Marion County and along the western border of the Ocala ... more

Limp Mushroom Cluster

Volusia Co. FL 11/15/18
This clump of brown mushrooms appear to be past their prime. They were in an area with numerous magnolia fruit on the ground, and some of those ... more
Bulow Creek State Park  FL

Fungi at Wild Florida Photo


An index of the various fungi images at Wild Florida Photo

Kingdom: Fungi
  ... more


Elegant Stinkhorn

Volusia Co. FL 11/15/18
The fungi Mutinus elegans is also known as the Devil's Dipstick and Demon FIngers.

Kingdom: Fungi
  ... more

Indigo Milky

Wakulla Co. FL 07/04/14
A strikingly blue mushroom fruiting body emerged from the leaf litter in the woods of Wakulla State Forest.
Lactarius indigo fungi is f ... more
Wakulla State Forest  FL

Mushrooms near Fairchild Oak

Volusia Co. FL 11/15/18
These mushrooms were seen in the clearing around the Fairchild Oak in Bulow Creek State Park. ... more
Bulow Creek State Park  FL

Hairy Hexagonia

Volusia Co. FL 11/15/18
This is one of the many bracket fungi - also known as shelf fungi.
The top surface of the conk - or fruiting body - had a light-colored ... more
Bulow Creek State Park  FL

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