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Volusia Co. FL 09/15/21
On the evening of September 15, 2021 four civilian astronauts were launched into orbit in a SpaceX Dragon capsule atop a Falcon rocket. This lau ... more
Florida Atlantic Coast  FL

Ocklawaha River

Marion Co. FL 11/25/11
The Ocklawaha River flows north 74 miles from Lake Harris in Lake County passing through Marion County and along the western border of the Ocala ... more

Periodical Cicadas

Wayne CO. MO 05/30/11
Periodical cicadas are not seen as adults every year like the annual cicadas. Instead they emerge and become adults usually only every 13 or 17 ... more
Wayne CO. MO  MO

Dragon Crew-2 Launch

Volusia Co. FL 04/23/21
Various photographs from April 23, 2021 during the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the Crew Dragon Endeavour spacecraft. The Crew-2 astr ... more

Tree of Bird Life

St. Johns Co. FL 06/14/08
A tree in the natural rookery area in the St. Augustine Alligator Farm full of nesting ... more
St. Augustine Alligator Farm  FL

Little Talbot Fungi

Duval Co. FL 02/23/21
This is an assortment of fungi that was photographed at Little Talbot Island State Park in February 2021.
Little Talbot is a barrier is ... more
Little Talbot Island State Park  FL

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Kingdom: Fungi
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Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
Sandhill is a high and dry pine forest with an open savannah-like understory that is typically made up mostly of wiregrass with scatterings of h ... more
Ocala National Forest  FL

Gum Spring & Slough

Sumter Co. FL 05/19/19
Gum Spring is the headwaters of Gum Slough which is a wild natural waterway that flows into the Withlacoochee River in central Florida. I visit ... more
Sumter Co. FL  FL

Limp Mushroom Cluster

Volusia Co. FL 11/15/18
This clump of brown mushrooms appear to be past their prime. They were in an area with numerous magnolia fruit on the ground, and some of those ... more
Bulow Creek State Park  FL

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