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Artist's Bracket

Orange Co. FL 02/05/10
The bracket fungi on this page appear to be members of the genus Ganoderma containing species known as Artist's Brackets, Reishi, and All ... more

All Fungi at Wild Florida Photo


An index of the various fungi images at Wild Florida Photo

Kingdom: Fungi
   | ... more


Suwannee River

Madison Co. FL 07/03/10
The Suwannee River flows nearly 250 miles mostly through Florida, from the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico.
Thi ... more
Suwannee River  FL

Green Sink

Lafayette Co. FL 01/03/12
The closer of the images shows the sky and trees reflected on the surface of the water in Green Sink at Lafayette Blue Springs State Park. This ... more
Lafayette Blue Springs State Park  FL

Oyster Mushrooms

Suwannee Co. FL 12/06/22
The mushrooms shown on this page appear to be various species of oyster mushrooms in the genus Pleurotus.

Kingdom: Fungi ... more

Lake Norris

Lake Co. FL 12/13/15
Lake Norris is located in eastern Lake County , Florida. It is the headwaters of Blackwater Creek which flows through Seminole State Forest. < ... more
Lake Co. FL  FL

Kayaking Florida

Madison Co. FL 12/07/22
Florida has numerous opportunities for kayaking, majestic rivers, scenic creeks, lakes, tidal marshes, the Intracoastal Waterway, the Gulf of Me ... more

Amanita mushrooms

Volusia Co. FL 12/19/22
The Amanita genus contains some of the most toxic mushrooms known. For more information visit the ... more

Laccaria mushrooms

Volusia Co. FL 12/19/22
Mushrooms of the genus Laccaria are often purple or various shades of brown and have gills attached to, but not extending down the stem. For mo ... more


Volusia Co. FL 09/11/11
There has been an increasing awareness recently of the import role that pollinators play in the natural ecosystems and the complex web of life. ... more

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