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Fungi at Wild Florida Photo


An index of the various fungi images at Wild Florida Photo

Kingdom: Fungi
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Hemlock Varnish Shelf

Sevier Co. TN 04/28/21
These bracket fungi were photographed in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They appear to be in the subgenus Ganoderma of the G ... more

Paynes Prairie White Birds

Alachua Co. FL 01/13/13
Several large white birds - probably wood storks - flying in the distance over Paynes Prairie.This image was made early in the morning from a mi ... more
Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park  FL

Pelican Over the Moon

Volusia Co. FL 01/08/12
A brown pelican flying past and positioned so that it appears to be flying over the rising moon. This was the evening before the moon was comple ... more
Atlantic Coast  FL

Dryad's saddle

Haywood Co. NC 04/26/21
Also called pheasant back mushroom or pheasant's-back polypore, Dryad's saddle is a bracket fungi that grows on both deadwood and live trees, mo ... more


Haywood Co. NC 04/25/21
True mosses are plants without vascular systems and that reproduce without flowers or seeds.
The portion of the plant that we typically ... more

Cedar-apple Rust

Wilson Co. TN 04/30/21
Cedar-apple rust is a fungal disease that requires two different hosts - first a cedar and second a member of the rose family - to complete the ... more

Suwannee River

Hamilton Co. FL 07/03/10
Various scenes along the Suwannee River in north Florida.
Some of these images were made at ... more
Suwannee River  FL

Santa Fe River

Columbia Co. FL 04/05/21
The Santa Fe River is located in the northern peninsula of Florida, originating in the swamps and lakes Alto and Santa Fe between Keystone Heigh ... more

Hairy Hexagonia

Volusia Co. FL 11/15/18
This is one of the many bracket fungi - also known as shelf fungi.
The top surface of the conk - or fruiting body - had a light-colored ... more
Bulow Creek State Park  FL

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