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Good Fire

Putnam Co. FL 01/17/15
Fire has historically been a natural part of Florida's ecosystems. Years of fire suppression have resulted in much habitat degradation as the un ... more
Dunns Creek State Park  FL

Flying Ship

Volusia Co. FL 01/14/12
Atmospheric conditions one morning produced this mirage of a ship apparently sitting just above the horizon with large choppy swells on the ocea ... more
Ormond by the Sea  FL


Mayabeque Province, Cuba 02/20/19
This glorybower plant was seen in a backyard courtyard at a house near Aquacate, Cuba.
A vine-like shrub, it appears to be of the genus ... more
Mayabeque Province, Cuba  CH


Havana, Cuba 02/16/19
This page will feature a select collection of images made in Havana, Cuba in February of 2019.
November of 2019 will mark the 500th ann ... more
Cuba  CH

Sunset on the Halifax River

Volusia Co. FL 12/18/10
Sun setting over Tomoka State Park as seen from ... more
Tomoka Marsh Aquatic Preserve  FL

Ybor CIty Tampa

Hillsborough Co. FL 01/05/08
Ybor City is an historic neighborhood near downtown Tampa that was founded in the 1880's and populated by immigrants, mostly from Cuba, Spain an ... more
Tampa  FL

St. Marks Lighthouse

Wakulla Co. FL 12/21/19
The St Marks lighthouse is located on Apalachee Bay near the mouth of the St. Marks River in the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. One of the ... more
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge  FL

Periodical Cicadas

Wayne CO. MO 05/30/11
Periodical cicadas are not seen as adults every year like the annual cicadas. Instead they emerge and become adults usually only every 13 or 17 ... more
Wayne CO. MO  MO

Jack O'Lantern Mushroom

Volusia Co. FL 12/07/13
These orange mushrooms grow in clusters on dead wood, either exposed or in the ground, appearing mostly in the fall in wooded areas. The gills ... more
Spruce Creek Preserve  FL

Persistent Cypress

Suwannee Co. FL 12/03/19
A bald cypress tree with young branches in fall colors growing out of an old broken and hollowed out stump along the Suwannee River. Seen and ph ... more
Suwannee River  FL

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