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Polypremum procumbens - Rustweed

Franklin Co. FL 07/02/05
A common mat-forming annual throughtout most of Florida and all of the southeastern United States. Ranges west to Texas and Oklahoma, northwest
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Lithospermum virginianum - False gromwell

Leon Co. FL 05/07/06
The range of this plant extends through the coastal states from Louisiana to Massachusetts, plus Pennsylvania and the DIstrict of Columbia. In
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Wild job's tears
Onosmodium virginianum (L.) A. DC.

Cynoglossum zeylanicum - Ceylon hound's tongue

Rarely found in disturbed sites in Lee and Palm Beach Counties. Native to Asia.
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Cynoglossum furcatum Wall. ex Roxb.

Euploca polyphylla - Pineland heliotrope

Miami-Dade Co. 04/03/05
A frequent perennial of pine flatwoods, pond margins and disturbed sites throughout the central and south peninsula and the keys, north in the c
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Heliotropium polyphyllum Lehm.

Andersonglossum virginianum - Wild comfrey

Liberty and Gadsden are the only counties in Florida where this plant is found.
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Cynoglossum virginianum L.

Piloblephis rigida - Wild pennyroyal

Orange Co. FL 02/05/10

Florida pennyroyal

Zanthoxylum clava-herculis - Hercules-club

Lafayette Co. FL 12/11/22
A frequent shrub or tree of hammocks, wet woods, sand dunes and shell middens throughout much of Florida, more common near the coast. The range
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Toothache tree
Hercules' club

Vaccinium arboreum - Sparkleberry

Gadsden C. FL 04/06/07
A frequent shrub or small tree of hammocks, flatwoods and scrub in most of Florida except the southern peninsula. Ranges throughout the southea
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Tree huckleberry

Pteridium aquilinum - Tailed bracken

Volusia Co. FL 11/19/22
A common fern of moist to dry open hammocks and thickets, often in dry sandy areas and even in full sun thoughout nearly all of Florida. The ran
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Western brackenfern

Dyschoriste humistrata - Swamp twinflower

Marion Co. FL 04/15/06
Frequently found in floodplain forests of the central and north peninsula and west to the Apalachicola River. Also ranges into the coastal plain
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Swamp snakeherb

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