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Vittaria lineata - Shoestring fern

Orange Co. FL 02/24/22
A fern of hammocks in most of the Florida peninsula. Also found in at least 2 Georgia Counties.
Found most frequently growing on
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Ceratiola ericoides - Florida rosemary

Volusia Co. FL 11/08/14
A frequent shrub of scrub habitats in nearly all of Florida. The range extends into the southeast coastal states from Louisiana to South Carolin
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Sand heath

Lantana depressa - Pineland lantana

Volusia Co. FL (landscape) 06/05/05
The natural range of this low-spreading woody shrub is limited to the pine rocklands of southern Miami-Dade County.
The leaves of the
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Rockland shrubverbena
Depressed shrubverbena

Lantana depressa - Florida lantana

Volusia Co. FL (landscape) 09/05/12
This subspecies of the Florida native lantana is found along the east coast and relict dunes inland.
For more detailed information abou
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Florida shrubverbena

Agarista populifolia - Florida hobblebush

Orange Co. FL 02/24/22
An occasional shrub of swamps and wet hammocks - often near springs and spring runs - in the peninsula from Duval to Polk Counties, also found i
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Osmunda regalis - Royal fern

Highlands Co. FL 02/06/05
A common fern usually found in swamps, bogs and marshes throughout nearly all of Florida. The range includes much of eastern North America west
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American royal fern
Osmunda spectabilis

Pontederia cordata - Pickerelweed

Volusia Co. FL 03/01/20
A common plant of marshes, streams, ponds, ditches and the shallows around lakes throughout nearly all of Florida. The range includes the entire
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Berlandiera pumila - Soft greeneyes

Volusia Co. FL 04/23/17
A frequent wildflower of sandhills from Volusia and Marion Counties north and throughout the panhandle. The range is mostly in the coastal plain
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Berlandiera subacaulis - Florida greeneyes

Lake Co. FL 05/13/04
A common plant of the sandhills of peninsular Florida and west to the central panhandle.
Stems are pubescent to hairy, rarely growing t
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Florida dandelion

Hypericum tenuifolium - Atlantic st.john's-wort

Orange Co. FL 07/14/07
A frequent plant of sandhills and scrub of much of the peninsula expet the southern tip. Also found in Franklin County and the western panhandle
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Sandhill st. john's-wort
Hypericum reductum

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