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Salvia misella - Southern river sage

Orange Co. FL 12/29/06
A frequent plant of hammocks in much of the central and southern peninsula. The range includes the West Indies and parts of Central and South Am
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River sage
Florida keys sage
Salvia riparia

Salvia occidentalis - West indian sage

Occasionally found in disturbed site in Orange County and the southern peninsula. The range includes Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and other p
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Sida ulmifolia - Common wireweed

Orange Co. FL 12/29/06
A common plant of disturbed sites throughout the peninsula and in some north Florida and panhandle counties. The range includes the coastal sta
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Common fanpetals
Southern sida
Sida acuta

Amaranthus australis - Southern amaranth

Orange Co. FL 12/29/06

Salsola kali - Russian thistle

Volusia Co. FL 09/19/21
An occasional bushy herb of beaches along the east coast of Florida and the central panhandle. The range includes most of the United States coas
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Prickly russian thistle

Eupatorium rotundifolium - Roundleaf thoroughwort

Lake Co. FL 09/14/19
A frequent plant of flatwoods and bogs in most of Florida, absent from the southeast peninsula and the Keys. The range extends throughout the ea
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False horehound

Gaillardia pulchella - Firewheel

Volusia Co. FL 04/02/10
A frequent wildflower of open areas, beach sides and other disturbed sites throughout much of Florida, mostly but not exclusively coastal counti
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Indian blanket
Rosering blanket flower

Liriodendron tulipifera - Tuliptree

Marshall County, AL 04/20/12

Yellow poplar

Sherardia arvensis - Blue fieldmadder

Marshall County, AL 04/20/12
This native to the Old World is rarely found in Florida, usually in disturbed sites in the panhandle from Jackson to Jefferson Counties and has
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Field madder
Galium sherardii

Orthochilus ecristatus - Giant orchid

Lake Co. FL 09/14/19

Non-crested eulophia

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