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Cocos nucifera - Coconut palm

Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/18/19

Moringa oleifera - Horseradishtree

Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/19/19
A rare escapee from cultivation in Manatee, Broward, Miami-Dade Counties and the Keys. Native to tropical Asia. Also introduced in the Virgin Is
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Stachytarpheta cayennensis - Nettleleaf velvetberry

Matanzas Province, Cuba 02/19/19
A rare herb occurring in Miami-Dade and Collier Counties and native to tropical Asia.
This non-native porterweed is an upright woody sh
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Blue snakeweed
Stachytarpheta urticifolia

Bursera simaruba - Gumbo limbo

Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/18/19
An occasional tree of coastal hammocks and shell middens in the central and southern peninsula. The range extends throughout the West Indies, Me
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Carica papaya - Papaya

Monroe Co. FL 02/01/20
An occasional tree of coastal hammocks, shell middens and disturbed sites throughout much of the peninsula. The small-fruited trees found in coa
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Vachellia sphaerocephala - Bee wattle

Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/18/19
Rarely found escaped from cultivation in disturbed tropical hammocks of Miami-Dade and Collier Counties. Native to Mexico.
Bee wattle c
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Acacia sphaerocephala

Capraria biflora - Goatweed

Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/18/19
An occasional plant of coastal hammock margins and beaches in Martin & Lee Counties southward into the keys. Also found in Texas, Puerto Rico, t
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Desmodium incanum - Zarzabacoa comun

Volusia Co. FL 04/27/20
A frequent perennial of open hammocks and disturbed sites throughout nearly all of Florida. Also introduced in Georgia and Texas. Native to Mex
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Spanish clover
Creeping beggarweed

Tillandsia fasciculata - Giant airplant

Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/18/19
This variety of giant airplant is rare in South Florida. The range includes Cuba and Jamaica.

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Fraxinus caroliniana - Carolina ash

Hamilton Co. FL 07/04/10
A common small tree of swamps and floodplain forests throughout most of Florida. Not found in the keys or the southeast peninsula except for Ma
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Water ash
Pop ash

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