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Habranthus robustus - Copperlily

Volusia Co. FL 04/23/20
This native of Brazil has escaped cultivation in several central Florida counties in the area known as the I-4 corridor and can now occasionally
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Brazilian copperlily
Pink rain lily

Eupatorium album - White thoroughwort

Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
An ocassional wildflower of sandhills, flatwoods and hammocks from Pasco County north, except for the east coast counties. Ranges throughout th
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Eupatorium mohrii - Mohr's thoroughwort

Polk Co. FL 06/05/05
A common wildflower of flatwoods in nearly all of Florida except for the keys. Ranges through the southeastern coastal states from Texas to Vir
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Boehmeria cylindrica - False nettle

Sumter Co. FL 05/19/19
A common perennial of marshes and swamps in nearly all of FLorida. The range extends throughout eastern North America, plus the southwestern st
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Bog hemp
Smallspike false nettle

Parietaria floridana - Florida pellitory

2021-03-01 03/01/21
A frequent herbaceous plant of hammocks and disturbed sites in most of the peninsula and some panhandle counties. Distributed mostly in the coa
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Hydrocotyle bonariensis - Largeleaf pennywort

Volusia Co. FL 05/21/21
An occasional plant of beaches, dunes, ponds and canals in much of Florida. The range extends through the southeastern Gulf and Atlantic states
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Beach pennywort
Water pennywort

Malaxis unifolia - Green addersmouth orchid

Marion Co. FL 04/15/06
A rare orchid of moist hammocks and ravines of the western and central panhandle plus Alachua, Mariona and Hernando Counties. THe range extends
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Green adder's-mouth

Pinus taeda - Loblolly pine

Suwannee Co. FL 12/31/11
A frequent pine tree of uplands and well-drained floodplains in north Florida and into the central peninsula as far as the I-4 corridor plus DeS
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Arkansas pine

Pinus elliottii - Slash pine

Marion Co. FL 03/30/19
This is a common pine tree of flatwoods throughout nearly all of Florida. The range extends into the southeastern coastal states from Texas int
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Pinus palustris - Longleaf pine

Thomas Co. GA 10/29/06
A common tree of sandhills, mesic flatwoods and savannas throughout the panhandle and north Florida, and down the peninsula to Lake Okeechobee.
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