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Dalea feayi - Feay's prairieclover

Marion Co. FL 09/13/09
A frequent wildflower of both coastal and inland scrub and sandhills in the central and southeastern peninsula, plus Franklin & Wakulla Counties
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Petalostemon feayi

Boerhavia diffusa - Red spiderling

Volusia Co. FL 08/04/13
A frequent plant of dry disturbed sites throughout much of Florida. The range includes the southeastern coastal sates from North Carolina to Al
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Nuphar advena - Yellow pond-lily

Volusia Co. FL 08/17/07
A common aquatic plant of ponds, marshes and sluggish streams in nearly all of Florida. The range extends throughout the eastern United States,
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Cow lily
Nuphar lutea advena

Helenium pinnatifidum - Southeastern sneezeweed

Volusia Co. FL 04/13/14
A common wildflower of wet flatwoods, wet prairies, savannas and swamp margins in most of Florida. The range includes the southeastern coastal
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Consolea corallicola - Semaphore pricklypear

Monroe Co. FL 05/20/18
This rare endangered cactus is only found in tropical rockland hammocks in the Florida Keys. Historically also found on coastal berms and in Mi
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Semaphore cactus
Opuntia corallicola

Richardia grandiflora - Largeflower mexican clover

Lee Co. FL 07/31/08
An occasional plant of open disturbed sites in the central and south peninsula of Florida. Native to South America.
This low-growing gr
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Florida snow
Largeflower pusley

Quadrella jamaicensis - Jamaican capertree

Manatee County 05/16/08
A small tree or shrub of coastal hammocks and shell mounds from Brevard and Pinellas Counties south, plus Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the W
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Jamaican caper
Capparis jamaicensis, Capparis cynophallophora

Cinnamomum camphora - Camphortree

Volusia Co. FL (landscape) 12/18/20
An occassional tree of disturbed hammocks, more frequently found in landscapes in much of Florida from Lee and St. Lucie Counties northward. Al
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Malaxis unifolia - Green addersmouth orchid

Marion Co. FL 04/15/06

Green adder's-mouth

Pseudoziziphus celata - Florida jujube

Polk Co. FL (cultivated) 01/06/08
One of the rarest plants in Florida, Ziziphus celata has been found in only six populations on the Lake Wales Ridge in Polk and Highlands
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Scrub ziziphus
Ziziphus celata

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