Only in Florida

An exhibit of some of the animals and plants that are naturally found only in Florida as viewed through the photography of Paul Rebmann. These species are said to be endemic to the state and many of them only occur in particular habitats.

Only in Florida exhibit at Lyonia Gallery in 2016
The Only in Florida exhibit at Lyonia Gallery in 2016.

The exhibit Only in Florida is not currently scheduled.
Bigflower Pawpaw & Scrub Jay on Chop #2 at Kimbell Center in Feb. 2017
Two of the images that were on exhibit in the Kimbell Center at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in February 2017.

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Click on any image below for more information about that subject. Images and subjects in each exhibit may vary, all are shown here.
Peninsula Cooter Applecactus Flower Harper's Beauty Florida Bellflower Bartram's Ixia Celestial Lily Rugel's Pawpaw Rugel's Pawpaw Pretty Pawpaw Scrubland Goldenaster Florida Indian Plantain Florida False Sunflower Clasping Warea Bigflower Pawpaw Scrub Buckwheat Florida Scrub Lizard Garberia Curtiss' Milkweed Florida Bonamia Scrub Ziziphus Feay's Palafox Florida Scrub Jay Florida Alicia Largeflower False Rosemary Flowers Florida Scrub Roseling


Gallery view of Scrub Habitat species as was exhibited at Lyonia Gallery(click here)

Gallery view of Species from Habitats other than Scrub as was exhibited at Lyonia Gallery(click here)