Photo Note Cards

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A-G-0001- Heading Out To Sea
A-G-0002- Black Skimmers - Homer and Bart
A-G-0003- Small Butterwort
A-G-0004- Argent Mirror
A-G-0009- Celestial Lily - side view
A-G-0013- Dune Sunflower
A-G-0015- Fire Spokes
A-G-0016- Florida Indian Plantain
A-G-0023- Turtle Tracks
A-G-0026- Osprey
A-G-0028- Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
A-G-0030- Saltmarsh Morning-Glory
A-G-0033- Scrub Jay
A-G-0045- Pickerelweed
A-G-0046- Feay's Palafox
A-G-0049- Etonia False Roemary
A-G-0051- Red Buckeye
A-G-0052- Evening Primrose
A-G-0053- Smallflower Pawpaw
A-G-0054- Meadow Beauty
A-G-0056- Pocosin Manifest
A-G-0061- Potts' Plume Orchid
A-G-0062- Phlox
A-G-0071- Zebra Longwing Butterfies
A-G-0082- White Ibis in tree
A-G-0085- Black Simmers - walking towards
A-G-0090- Myakka Mist
A-G-0107- Great Blue Heron in flight
A-G-0111- Green Heron
A-G-0114- Red Fox Kit
A-G-0115- Pineland Golden Trumpet
A-G-0120- Barred Sulphur on Small Butterwort
A-G-0121- Clouds at Sunset after Storm
A-G-0122- Seven Year Apple Flower
A-G-0123- Spider on Rayless Sunflower
A-G-0124- Scorpionstail
A-G-0128- Hieroglyphic Cicada
A-G-0129- Spatterdock Heart
A-G-0131- Half Flower
A-G-0133- Least Tern Struttng His Catch
A-G-0136- Bellwort Flower
A-G-0140- Sunset on the Halifax River
A-G-0144- Suwannee Sand, Water & Rock
A-G-0145- Kingfisher & Spanish Moss
A-G-0147- Crested Caracara #2
A-G-0151- Marsh Hawk Over Marsh
A-G-0152- Anhinga
A-G-0153- Great White Heron
A-G-0154- Bittern
A-G-0156- Acocet pair
A-G-0157- Scrub Jay - juvenile close-up on ground
A-G-0159- Scrub Jay - juvenile on fence post
A-G-0166- Squirrel on rock
A-G-0171- Wood Duck
A-G-0172- Purple Gallinule
A-G-0173- Oystercatcher
A-G-0174- Long Pine Key #1
A-G-0176- Green Anole #1
A-G-0177- White Ibis Portrait
A-G-0178- Cormorant portrait
A-G-0179- Pine Lily & Pines
A-G-0181- Pelican in Sea Smoke
A-G-0182- Ocklawaha Oxbow 2011
A-G-0185- Wood Stork Balancing Act
A-G-0186- Wood Stork Red Feet
A-G-0188- Pelican at sunset docks
A-G-0189- Pelican in Skypools
A-G-0190- Mangrove Nursery
A-G-0191- Florida Bonamia
A-G-0194- Green Heron Pair in Dead Tree
A-G-0195- Kestrel female head and upper body
A-G-0196- Kestrel female portrait
A-G-0197- Screech Owl big eye
A-G-0199- Box Turtle - Florida version
A-G-0202- Butterfly Pea Flower
A-G-0207- Wicky Flower
A-G-0209- Cooter on Alligator Log
A-G-0210- Nodding Ladiestresses
A-G-0213- String Lily #1
A-G-0214- Michaux's Cupgrass
A-G-0215- Pineland Clustervine
A-G-0216- Eastern Smooth Beardtongue
A-G-0219- Bartram's Ixia Stigma
A-G-0220- Florida Bellflower
A-G-0221- Scrubland Goldenaster
A-G-0223- Wiregrass Gentian
A-G-0224- Beach Verbena
A-G-0226- Scrub Jay - Portait with Acorn
A-G-0229- Coot
A-G-0231- White Tailed Deer
A-G-0232- Hairy Leafcup Flower
A-G-0234- Barred Owl in Winter Woods #2
A-G-0235- Dressed in Blue Jackets #2
A-G-0236- Sun Petals
A-G-0237- St. Augustine Lighthouse & Boats
A-G-0238- Red-bellied Woodpecker - Male
A-G-0240- Wild Petunia
A-G-0241- Sopchoppy Palm
A-G-0243- Grasspink #2
A-G-0244- Rose Pogonia #1
A-G-0245- Rose Pogonia #2
A-G-0246- Luna Moth #2
A-G-0247- Green Anole #2
A-G-0249- Dragon's Breath & Venus
A-G-0252- Fishing for a pot of Gold #2
A-G-0253- Supermoon Dawn 2013
A-G-0255- Anhinga Pine
A-G-0257- Fakahatchee Royal Frond - Gold-blue
A-G-0259- Dawn Sky Colors in Layers
A-G-0260- Mangrove Sprout
A-G-0261- Purple Coneflowers
A-G-0262- Red-winged Blackbird & Alligator Flag
A-G-0263- Spiny Orb-weaver Spider
A-G-0264- Fairchild Oak
A-G-0266- Golden-Silk Spider
A-G-0268- Gopher Tortoise #2
A-G-0269- Young Gopher Tortoise
A-G-0270- Saw Palmetto Hips
A-G-0271- Blackwater Creek Palms
A-G-0274- Manatee
A-G-0275- Florida Cacalia Trio
A-G-0277- Seaoats at Dawn
A-G-0278- Swallow-tailed Kite #1
A-G-0280- Hairy Leafcup #2
A-G-0281- Dragonfly Bull's-eye
A-G-0282- Red Shouldered Hawk Flight
A-G-0283- Lake Disston Cypress #1
A-G-0284- Lake Disston Cypress #2
A-G-0285- Cypress Osprey Duo
A-G-0286- Lake Disston Rookery #1
A-G-0287- Lake Disston Rookery #2
A-G-0288- Osprey with Fish
A-G-0289- Night Heron Dawn Post
A-G-0290- Clasping Warea
A-G-0292- Catesby's Lily
A-G-0293- Scrub Jay on Chop #2
A-G-0294- Bigflower Pawpaw
A-G-0295- Bartram's Ixia - Front View
A-G-0296- Florida Bellflower - Front View
A-G-0297- Beautiful Pawpaw
A-G-0298- Scrub Buckwheat
A-G-0299- Garberia
A-G-0300- Phoebanthus Florets Ascending
A-G-0301- Applecactus Flower
A-G-0302- Scrub Ziziphus
A-G-0303- Florida Scrub Lizard
A-G-0304- Limpkin Portrait
A-G-0305- Limpkin Standing in Spatterdock
A-G-0306- LIttle Blue Takes Flight
A-G-0307- Swallow-tailed Kite Flyover
A-G-0308- Swallow-tailed Kites Soaring
A-G-0309- Reflections of a Drowned Forest
A-G-0310- Rodman Trident
A-G-0311- Osprey on Nest with Wings Spread
A-G-0312- Duckweed Firetail Damselfly
A-G-0313- Bartram's Airplant Flower
A-G-0314- Blue Dasher Dragonfly #1
A-G-0315- Blue Dasher Dragonfly #2
A-G-0316- Pitcherplant Flower
A-G-0318- Dwarf Cypress Strand
A-G-0320- Whitetop Pitcherplants and Clouds
A-G-0321- Osceola's Plume
A-G-0322- Dwarf Cypress White Waterlily
A-G-0323- Alicia and Guest
A-G-0324- Largeflower False Rosemary Flowers
A-G-0325- Rugel's Pawpaw #3
A-G-0326- Sandhill Crane at Clearwater Lake
A-G-0328- Pricklypear Flower
A-G-0330- Gulf Fritillary on Elephantsfoot - ventral
A-G-0331- Bougainvillea
A-G-0332- Bougainvillea Close-up
A-G-0333- Florida Scrub Roseling
A-G-0334- Bee Fly on Roseling
A-G-0335- Eclipse Totality in Black & White
A-G-0336- Eclipse Solar Flares
A-G-0337- Tall Elephantsfoot Flowers
A-G-0338- Talbot Stilt Tree #1
A-G-0339- Talbot Stilt Tree #2
A-G-0340- Sneezeweed Flower
A-G-0343- Whitetop Pitcherplant on Green
A-G-0344- Marsh Rabbit on Dune
A-G-0346- Gulf Fritillary on Elephantsfoot - dorsal
A-G-0348- Green Anole on Palmetto
A-G-0350- Beach Verbena #2
A-G-0351- Rugel's Pawpaw & Pines
A-G-0353- Julia Butterfly
A-G-0354- Gulf Fritillary on White Passionflower
A-G-0355- Tarflower
A-G-0356- Rock-rose
A-G-0357- Milky Way and Jupiter
A-G-0358- Ebony Jewelwing
A-G-0359- Great Blue Heron #2
A-G-0360- Pinewoods Milkweed Flowers
A-G-0361- Netted Pawpaw #1
A-G-0362- Netted Pawpaw #2
A-G-0363- Searocket
A-G-0364- Scrubland Goldenaster Flower
A-G-0365- Largeflower False Rosemary #2
A-G-0366- Coreopsis Flower
A-G-0367- Dune Sunflower #2
A-G-0368- Railroad Vine Flower
A-G-0369- Rose-Rush
A-G-0370- Blackeyed Susan
A-G-0373- Anhinga Cypress
A-G-0375- Simpson's Rain Lily
A-G-0376- Pickerelweed #2
A-G-0377- Slender Blazing Star
A-G-0378- Green Anole Looking Up
A-G-0379- Ivory Barnacles on Stick
A-G-0380- White Peacock on Scorpionstail
A-G-0381- Mexican Pricklypoppy
A-G-0382- Sweetshrub Flower
A-G-0383- La Giraldilla
A-G-0384- Morro Castle and Malecon
A-G-0385- Fifties Convertibles
A-G-0386- Truck, Cuban and Cooker
A-G-0387- Stilt Dancers
A-G-0388- Old Man Palm
A-G-0389- Coconut Palm
A-G-0390- Coffee in Cuba
A-G-0391- Hopkins Prairie #2
A-G-0392- St. Marks Lighthouse
A-G-0393- Pandurata
A-G-0394- Buckeye Butterfly
A-G-0395- Tree Snail on the Move
A-G-0396- Sunshine Mimosa
A-G-0397- Dandelion
A-G-0398- Giant Airplant
A-G-0399- Common Yarrow
A-G-0400- Southern Toad #2
A-G-0401- Slimleaf Pawpaw
A-G-0402- Crested Saltbush
A-G-0403- Jelly Ears
A-G-0404- Boardman Oak
A-G-0405- Hedge False Bindweed
A-G-0406- Partridge Pea
A-G-0407- Hand Fern
A-G-0408- Okeechobee Gourd Flower
A-G-0409- Forked Fiddleheads
A-G-0415- Palm Oasis in Pasture
A-G-0416- Lakeside Spanish Moss Oak
A-G-0417- Spring on the Suwannee
A-G-0418- Drew Bridge
A-G-0419- Fourpetal St. John's-wort
A-G-0420- Cooley's Waterwillow
A-G-0421- Snow Squarestem
A-G-0422- Sundrops
A-G-0423- Smooth Phlox
A-G-0426- Fanpetals
A-G-0427- Fire Pink
A-G-0428- Florida Pinkroot
A-G-0429- Suwannee Riverbend #2
A-G-0430- Suwannee Winter Afternoon
A-G-0431- Blue Curls
A-G-0432- Dead Man's Fingers
A-G-0433- Elliott's Yelloweyed Grass
A-G-0434- Zebra Longwing on Firebush #2
A-G-0435- Amanita Mushroom
A-G-0436- Slimleaf Pawpaw Two
A-G-0437- Blue Mushroom
A-G-0438- Green Sea Turtle Hatchling
A-G-0439- Green Sea Turtle Trio
A-G-0440- Goldstalk Mushroom
A-G-0441- Cutleaf Coneflowers
A-G-0443- Crown-tipped Coral Fungus
A-G-0444- Leaf on Shelf Fungus
A-G-0445- Black Dancer
A-G-0447- Snowy Egret
A-G-0448- Carolina Elephantsfoot
A-G-0449- Seaside Dragonlet Male
A-G-0450- The Beetle and the Egg
A-G-0451- Spotted Beebalm
A-G-0452- Jack-O-Lantern Mushrooms
A-G-0453- Blue Dasher Spotlight
A-G-0454- Echo Moth Close-up
A-G-0455- Echo Moth on Seagrape

Note cards are 5"x7" in size with a 4"x6" photo on the front and blank inside for writing your note to the recipient. The note cards and envelopes are packaged in a clear sleeve. These note cards also fit in a 5"x7" standard photo frame for a matted image appearance.
Note cards are $ 5.00 each or 3 for $12.00.

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