Wild Florida Photo - Class: Insecta - Insects

Class: Insecta - Insects

Collier Co. FL 10/04/02Papilio glaucus
Florida tiger swallowtail
butterfly - top view

Members of the Insecta class at Wild Florida Photo

Blattodea - Cockroaches and Termites

American cockroach - palmetto bug on wall
Periplaneta americana
American cockroach

palmetto bug on wall

Coleoptera - beetles

Diptera - flies

Hemiptera - true bugs

Homoptera - cicadas, hoppers, whiteflies, aphids & scales

Hymenoptera - ants, bees, wasps and sawflies

Eastern cicada killer - face visible
Sphecius speciosus
Eastern cicada killer

face visible

Lepidoptera - butterflies and moths

Mantodea - mantids

Neuroptera - Antlions, Lacewings, and Allies

Odonata - dragonflies

dragonfly and damselflies on small log in Ocklawaha River

dragonfly and damselflies on small log in Ocklawaha River

Orthoptera - grasshoppers and kin

Phasmida - walkingsticks

unknown - unidentified insect order

Insecta is a member of the Mandibulata - insects, centipedes & millipedes - Phylum

Other members of the Mandibulata phylum

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