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Orgyia detrita - Fir tussock moth

Lake Co. FL 04/06/12

Live oak tussock moth

Orgyia leucostigma - Whitemarked tussock moth

Scopula lautaria - Small frosted wave moth

Lafayette Co. FL 12/10/22
A common moth that can be found throughout much of Florida and the southeastern coastal plain from South Carolina to Texas.
Small frost
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Castor canadensis - American beaver

McNairy Co. TN 03/15/06
American beaver can be found in most of the continental United States and all but the most northern areas of central Canada. The range only ext
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Anaxyrus quercicus - Oak toad

Volusia Co. FL 11/08/05
The range of the oak toad extends along the southeastern coast from Louisiana to Virginia usually in pine forests with loose sandy soils.

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Bufo quercicus

Anaxyrus fowleri - Fowler's toad

Clay Co. NC 08/26/16
In Florida, Fowler's toads are only found in the panhandle. The range extends west into east Texas, up the Mississippi River drainage as far as
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Bufo fowleri, Bufo woodhousii fowleri

Anaxyrus terrestris - Southern toad

Lafayette Co. FL 12/09/22
Southern toads may be found in sandy ares, cultivated fields, hammocks and pine barrens throughout Florida. The range extends through the south
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Bufo terrestris

Thorybes bathyllus - Southern cloudywing

Wakulla Co. FL 07/04/14
Southern cloudywings are found in a variety of habitats including meadows, savannas, scrubby fields woodlands and along streams in much of the e
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Mordella sp. - Pintail beetle

Volusia Co. FL 05/13/17
This beetle is seen here on a blackeyed susan flower.
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Tumbling flower beetle

Eristalis transversa - Transverse-banded flower fly

Buncombe Co. NC 06/30/07

This fly is shown on a ... more

Transverse-banded drone fly

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