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Quiscalus major - Boat-tailed grackle

Volusia Co. FL 03/02/23
Boat-tailed grackles are usually found in coastal areas from Brownsville, Texas to Rhode Island and throughout the Florida peninsula.
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Eurema daira - Barred sulphur

Volusia Co. FL 03/06/10
This small butterfly can be found in open pine woods, dunes, patures and other disturbed sites throughout Florida. The range extends into the s
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Barred yellow

Chelonia mydas - Green sea turtle

Volusia Co. FL 09/17/23

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Automeris io - Io moth

Coffee Co. TN 09/30/13
Io moths can be found throughout Florida and much of eastern North America.
Adults are large moths with wingspans of 5-8cm (~2-3 in.).
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Peacock moth

Actias luna - Luna moth

Marshall County, AL 04/20/12
These striking moths may be found year-round in forested areas of Florida and Louisiana. Luna moths range throughout the eastern United States
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Hypercompe scribonia - Giant leopard moth

Volusia Co. FL 11/30/-1

Eyed tiger moth
Giant wooly bear
Ecpantheria scribonia (Stoll)

Pyromorpha dimidiata - Orange-patched smoky moth

Haywood Co. NC 05/18/23
A small moth of deciduous forests and nearby fields of the panhandle and north peninsula. The range includes much of the eastern United States n
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Cactoblastis cactorum - Cactus moth

Volusia Co. FL 06/12/06
This is a problem invasive species that threatens native plants of the ... more

Unknown unidentified - Dark spider wasp

Volusia Co. FL 04/23/23

Pandion haliaetus - Osprey

Martin Co. FL 03/05/17
This year-round resident of Florida is most common along coastal waterways. Ospreys range nearly world-wide, wintering in the lower latitudes an
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North american osprey

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