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Megalorhipida leucodactylus - Spiderling plume moth

Volusia Co. FL 08/04/13
This tiny plume moth can be found throughout Florida often near members of the ... more

Anomala innuba - Shining leaf chafer

Volusia Co. FL 07/22/08

Chilocorus cacti - Cactus lady beetle

Volusia Co. FL 02/14/08

Asclerini Tribe, unknown genus unknown - False blister beetle

Marion Co. FL 03/29/19

Coccinella septempunctata - Seven-spotted lady beetle

Smyth Co. VA 07/03/07


Euphoria fulgida - Emerald euphoria

Volusia Co. FL 05/12/12

Tursiops truncatus - Bottlenose dolphin

Flagler Co. FL 02/08/11
Bottlenose dolphin are common in the Atlantic, Gulf and estuarine waters of Florida. Fond of nearshore w
... more

Uca pugilator - Sand fiddler crab

Volusia Co. FL 06/16/07

Calico fiddler

Pelecanus occidentalis  - Brown pelican

Volusia Co. FL 01/05/07
A large dark bird found mostly near the coast throughout Florida. The range extends through the Gulf coastal states and up the eastern coast in
... more

Nephila clavipes - Golden-silk spider

These spiders are often found in late summer and fall on large webs spanning openings, such as trails in woods and citrus groves - often quite h
... more

Banana spider

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