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Caracara plancus - Crested caracara

Osceola Co. FL 01/30/11
The habitats of the crested caracara are the prairies and palm groves in the south central peninsula of Florida, mostly north and west of Lake O
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Northern caracara
Mexican eagle
Caracara cheriway

Antigone canadensis - Sandhill crane

Lake Co. FL 09/13/09
A large bird of open grasslands, meadows and wetlands, can sometimes be seen in residential areas and roadsides.
Two subspecies of san
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Grus canadensis

Paratrechina longicornis - Longhorn crazy ant

Volusia Co. FL (inside house) 08/28/21
These tiny ants apparently originated in southeast Asia or Melanesia, and are now found worldwide in tropical and subtropical regions. They have
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Black crazy ant
Slender crazy ant

Ophisaurus ventralis - Eastern glass lizard

Volusia Co. FL 07/03/20

Plecia nearctica - Lovebug

Volusia Co. FL 09/09/21

Indotyphlops braminus - Brahminy blindsnake

Volusia Co. FL 08/23/21

Flowerpot snake

Celithemis eponina - Halloween pennant

Volusia Co. FL 06/12/07
A common dragonfly found in and near ponds, lakes and marshes throughout Florida. The range includes all of the the eastern United States, west
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Terrapene carolina - Eastern box turtle

Sumner Co. TN 07/04/09

Terrapene carolina - Florida box turtle

Volusia Co. FL 08/17/12

Bubo scandiacus - Snowy owl

Duval Co. FL 01/14/14
This immature female snowy owl that visited Florida in the winter of 2014 was only the third reported sighting of this species in the state. Th
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Nyctea scandiaca

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