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Eriophora ravilla - Tropical orb weaver

Volusia Co. FL 07/20/21

Junonia neildi - West indian mangrove buckeye

Flagler Co. FL 10/19/21
This buckeye butterfly is found in coastal areas of central and south Florida and also coastal Georgia. The range extends south throughout the
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Black mangrove buckeye
Mangrove buckeye
Junonia genoveva neildi

Mythimna unipuncta - Armyworm moth

Volusia Co. FL 11/02/21
Mythimna unipuncta is native to the Americas, although not found in the northern parts of Canada.
The adult has a wingspan of a
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White-speck moth
Pseudaletia unipuncta

Vulsirea nigrorubra  - Stink bug

Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/18/19
A colorful stink bug of Florida and the West Indies.
A distinctive black and red stink bug.
Vulsirea nigrorubra was onc
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Megisto cymela - Viola's wood satyr

Columbia Co. FL 04/07/21

Limenitis arthemis - Red-spotted purple

Columbia Co. FL 04/07/21

Limenitis archippus - Florida viceroy

Volusia Co. FL 03/05/06

Basilarchia archippus floridensis

Unknown unknown species - Geometridae moth

Columbia Co. FL 04/05/21

Epicauta sp. - Unidentified species of epicauta

Duval Co. FL 05/19/13

Acmaeodera pulchella - Flat-headed bald cypress borer

Polk Co. FL 05/20/12
Found throughout Florida and ranging through much of the eastern United States except New England past Pennsylvania> Found in Ontario.

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Flat-headed baldcypress sapwood beetle

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