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Calosoma scrutator - Fiery searcher

Columbia Co. FL 04/05/21

Caterpillar hunter

Geothlypis trichas - Common yellowthroat

Volusia Co. FL 04/30/20
Year-round residents of Florida and the southeastern coastal plain, these warblers are more common in the southern peninsula and during winter a
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Vanessa virginiensis - American lady

Columbia Co. FL 04/07/21
These butterflies are typically found in pine flatwoods, open disturbed areas and the edges of hammocks throughout Florida. The American lady is
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American painted lady

Evania appendigaster - Cockroach egg parasitoid wasp

Volusia Co. FL 05/04/20
Common in Florida and across the southern United States to California. Also present in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Believed to originate in
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Actitis macularius - Spotted sandpiper

Putnam Co. FL 07/21/12
Spotted sandpipers can be seen near most kinds of freshwater - including rivers and streams - and in coastal areas of the state for much of the
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Actitis macularia

Pictonemobius sp. - Bar-faced ground cricket

Suwannee Co. FL 07/01/12
There are four species of Pictonemobius, all ranging throughout Florida and adjacent states.
These are small crickets that have
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Dielis plumipes - Feather-legged scoliid wasp

Volusia Co. FL 09/10/16
Of the three forms of this species, Dielis plumipes fossulana, is the only subspecies that occurs in Florida. This subspecies is found t
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Digger wasp
Scarab hunter wasp
Campsomeris plumipes var. fossulana

Scymninae Diomus or Scymnus - Lady beetle

This is a lady beetle from the Scymninae subfamily of Coccinellidae (ladybugs, ladybirds & lady beetles).
Two likely possibilities incl
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Sialia sialis - Eastern bluebird

Marion Co. FL 01/14/11
A year-round resident of most of Florida, except the very southeastern peninsula. The range extends throughout the eastern United States, west t
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Nyctanassa violacea - Yellow-crowned night heron

Volusia Co. FL 02/03/07
Yellow-crowned night herons are mostly nocturnal feeders, but can sometimes be seen in the mornings or before dusk searching for their favorite
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Nycticorax violaceus

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