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Hemiargus ceraunus - Ceraunus blue

Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
This is a very small butterfly mostly found in open sunny parks, yards, roadsides and other ruderal areas. Seen throughout Florida, the range in
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Antillean blue

Heliothinae unknown species - Owlet moth

Marion Co. FL 09/12/10
A caterpillar from the Heliothinae subfamily of owlet moths. Photographed in the Ocala National Forest in the sandhill area known as Salt Spring
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Heliocis repanda - False blister beetle

Marion Co. FL 03/29/19
This false blister beetle can be found on a wide variety of hosts from Maryland to Arizona, but most abundant in Florida, Louisiana and Texas. I
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Vanessa atalanta - Red admiral

Volusia Co. FL 01/29/06
In the Western Hemisphere red admirals range from northern Canada, throughout the United States and Mexico and as far south as Guatemala. In Flo
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Anolis sagrei - Brown anole

Volusia Co. FL 02/10/21
A small lizard native to Cuba and the Bahamas is now present throughout most of the Florida peninsula with isolated populations reported in Geor
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Pycnoscelus surinamensis - Surinam cockroach

Volusia Co. FL 01/13/21
These medium-sized cockroaches are native to Asia and can be found from Florida to Texas and tropical areas world-wide.
Under 3cm (1-3/
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Aythya affinis - Lesser scaup

Brevard Co. FL 01/17/06
Lessor scaups are winter visitors to Florida, the southern United States, Mexico and Central America, being seen mostly on large lakes, reservoi
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Poecilopompilus algidus  - Spider wasp

Lake Co. FL 05/14/21

Calosoma scrutator - Fiery searcher

Columbia Co. FL 04/05/21

Caterpillar hunter

Geothlypis trichas - Common yellowthroat

Volusia Co. FL 04/30/20
Year-round residents of Florida and the southeastern coastal plain, these warblers are more common in the southern peninsula and during winter a
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