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Acanalonia&nbspservillei - side view
Acanalonia servillei

Circus&nbspcyaneus - female in flight just after takeoff
Circus cyaneus
Northern harrier

Achatina&nbspfulica - abapertural view of the shell
Achatina fulica
Giant african land snail

Arphia&nbspgranulata - side view
Arphia granulata
Southern yellow-winged grasshopper

Anax&nbspjunius - female side view
Anax junius
Common green darner

Ceryle&nbspalcyon - head profile and chest
Ceryle alcyon
Belted kingfisher

Alligator&nbspmississippiensis - aligator in spring habitat
Alligator mississippiensis
American alligator

Ammotrechella&nbspstimpsoni - top view
Ammotrechella stimpsoni
Camel spider

Pomacea&nbsppaludosa - empty shell
Pomacea paludosa
Florida apple snail

Anas&nbspfulvigula - male and female close-up
Anas fulvigula
Mottled duck

Anhinga&nbspanhinga - adult non-breeding male
Anhinga anhinga

Apatelodes&nbsptorrefacta - caterpillar on palm frond
Apatelodes torrefacta
Spotted apatelodes

aphids on firebush
aphids on firebush

bee on purple passionflower
bee on purple passionflower

Aramus&nbspguarauna - side view, close-up
Aramus guarauna

Trichonephila&nbspclavipes - The larger spider is the female, the male is the small one
Trichonephila clavipes
Golden-silk orbweaver

Seirarctia&nbspecho - adult - on red bay leaf
Seirarctia echo
Echo moth

Ardea&nbspherodias - in flight over water
Ardea herodias
Great blue heron

Armadillidium&nbspvulgare - rolled up in defensive posture
Armadillidium vulgare
Common pillbug

Proctacanthus&nbspsp. - side view of fly with cicada
Proctacanthus sp.
Robber fly

Sphodros&nbspabboti - web at base of tree
Sphodros abboti
Abbot purseweb spider

Eubalaena&nbspglacialis - tail out of the water
Eubalaena glacialis
Northern right whale

Megabalanus&nbspcoccopoma - barnacles and seaweed on coquina rock
Megabalanus coccopoma
Titan acorn barnacle

Pycnoscelus&nbspsurinamensis - dorsal view from front
Pycnoscelus surinamensis
Surinam cockroach

Periplaneta&nbspamericana - palmetto bug on wall
Periplaneta americana
American cockroach

Poecilognathus&nbsppunctipennis - close-up of bee fly on FL scrub roseling fower from above
Poecilognathus punctipennis
Poecilognathus bee fly

Anaxyrus&nbspterrestris - front low angle view
Anaxyrus terrestris
Southern toad


Actenodes&nbspsimi  - showing legs and elantra
Actenodes simi
Metalic wood-boring beetle


Calopteryx&nbspmaculata - damselfly on indian pink
Calopteryx maculata
Ebony jewelwing

Vulpes&nbspvulpes - two foxes
Vulpes vulpes
Eastern red fox

Chauliognathus&nbsppennsylvanicus - soldier beetle on coastalplain tickseed flower
Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus
Goldenrod soldier beetle

Calosoma&nbspscrutator - front side view showing head
Calosoma scrutator
Fiery searcher


Castor&nbspcanadensis - beaver dam - side view from bank
Castor canadensis
American beaver



Lepomis&nbspmicrolophus - redear sunfish on stringer in lake
Lepomis microlophus
Redear sunfish

Eburia&nbspquadrigeminata - angled side view on leaf laying on surfboard
Eburia quadrigeminata
Ivory-marked beetle

Prosapia&nbspbicincta - side view
Prosapia bicincta
Two-lined spittlebug


Odocoileus&nbspvirginianus - deer standing in field looking back as another deer bounds away
Odocoileus virginianus
White-tailed deer

Pluvialis&nbspsquatarola - side view
Pluvialis squatarola
Black-bellied plover

Caretta&nbspcaretta - adult during false crawl
Caretta caretta

Disonycha&nbspleptolineata - close-up of beetle on partially eaten Virginia willow leaf
Disonycha leptolineata
Flea beetle


Unidentified leafhopper&nbspUnknown - close-up of immature stage leafhopper on Florida alicia
Unidentified leafhopper Unknown
Unidentified leafhopper



Harmonia&nbspaxyridis - top view
Harmonia axyridis
Multicolored asian lady beetle

Ischnura&nbspramburii - bluet on seagrape leaf along Atlantic coast
Ischnura ramburii
Rambur's forktail

Nerodia&nbspfasciata - swimming in pond
Nerodia fasciata
Florida water snake

Columba&nbsplivia - side view on beach
Columba livia
Rock pigeon


Epitheca&nbspprinceps - in flight
Epitheca princeps
Prince baskettail

Spartocera&nbspdiffusa - close-up showing head and thorax
Spartocera diffusa
Leaf-footed bug


Sphecius&nbspspeciosus - view of abdomen
Sphecius speciosus
Eastern cicada killer

Spoladea&nbsprecurvalis - dorsal view of moth resting on purslane
Spoladea recurvalis
Beet webworm moth


Rhynchophorus&nbspcruentatus - female, top view
Rhynchophorus cruentatus
Palmetto weevil

Cynipini tribe&nbspunknown - gall with hole
Cynipini tribe unknown
Oak gall wasp

Dasypus&nbspnovemcinctus - side view
Dasypus novemcinctus
Nine-banded armadillo

Tursiops&nbsptruncatus - Alvin
Tursiops truncatus
Bottlenose dolphin


Didelphis&nbspvirginiana - side view, walking with babies clinging
Didelphis virginiana


Micrurus&nbspfulvius - 
Micrurus fulvius
Eastern coral snake

Alaus&nbspoculatus - dorsal view of beetle on side of a house
Alaus oculatus
Eyed click beetle


various cooters on log
various cooters on log

Spilosoma&nbspcongrua - dorsal view, angled
Spilosoma congrua
Agreeable tiger moth

Aceria&nbspcephalanthi  - galls from mites on buttonbush leaf
Aceria cephalanthi
Buttonbush mite

Megalodacne&nbspheros - side view of beetle
Megalodacne heros
Pleasing fungus beetle

Balaustium&nbspsp. - tiny mites on bindweed flower
Balaustium sp.
Sidewalk mites

Evania&nbspappendigaster - insect on windowsill
Evania appendigaster
Cockroach egg parasitoid wasp


Lynx&nbsprufus - taxidermied - entire
Lynx rufus

Metcalfa&nbsppruinosa - a row of planthoppers on seagrape branch
Metcalfa pruinosa
Citrus flatid planthopper

Camponotus&nbspfloridanus - dorsal view on seagrape flower
Camponotus floridanus
Florida carpenter ant


Cardisoma&nbspguanhumi  - male at entrance of burrow
Cardisoma guanhumi
Blue land crab

Hemidactylus&nbspturcicus - view from above
Hemidactylus turcicus
Mediterranean gecko

Epimecis&nbsphortaria - dorsal view on tree, close-up
Epimecis hortaria
Tulip-tree beauty

Ginglymostoma&nbspcirratum - shark in shallow water
Ginglymostoma cirratum
Nurse shark

Aphylla&nbspwilliamsoni - side view
Aphylla williamsoni
Two-striped forceptail

Aratus&nbsppisonii - tree crab on red mangrove
Aratus pisonii
Mangrove tree crab


Pictonemobius&nbspsp. - cricket, close-up
Pictonemobius sp.
Bar-faced ground cricket

Haematopus&nbsppalliatus - side view
Haematopus palliatus
American oystercatcher

Agapostemon&nbspsplendens - female bee on tickseed flower - close-up
Agapostemon splendens
Brown-winged striped-sweat bee


Hylephila&nbspphyleus - male on largeflower false rosemary flower
Hylephila phyleus
Fiery skipper

Hyla&nbspcinerea - view from in front of and above frog
Hyla cinerea
Green treefrog

Quiscalus&nbspmajor - female on fence
Quiscalus major
Boat-tailed grackle





Larus&nbsphyperboreus - side view, second winter glaucous gull, with herring and laughing gulls
Larus hyperboreus
Glaucous gull

Malacosoma&nbspamericana - dorsal view of caterpillar
Malacosoma americana
Eastern tent caterpillar moth

Leiocephalus&nbspcarinatus - side view
Leiocephalus carinatus
Northern curly-tailed lizard

Sylvilagus&nbsppalustris - entire, side view
Sylvilagus palustris
Marsh rabbit

Brachymesia&nbspgravida - side view, perched on stick
Brachymesia gravida
Four-spotted pennant

Ligia&nbspexotica - showing head and antenna
Ligia exotica
Wharf roach

Phobetron&nbsppithecium - caterpillar - view from above
Phobetron pithecium
Hag moth

Littorina&nbspirrorata - two snails
Littorina irrorata
Marsh periwinkle


Hemiargus&nbspceraunus - close-up, side view of butterfly showing wing underside
Hemiargus ceraunus
Ceraunus blue

Calopteron&nbspreticulatum - on palmetto frond
Calopteron reticulatum
Banded net-wing



Osmia&nbspsp. - female mason bee on dandelion flower
Osmia sp.
Unidentified mason bee

Florida has 26 species of blister beetles.
... more

Nemognatha&nbspnemorensis - beetle on yellow milkwort
Nemognatha nemorensis
Blister beetle


Ceresa&nbspalta - insect on Polygala leaf
Ceresa alta
Buffalo treehopper

Mephitis&nbspmephitis - in rain with tail stretched out behind
Mephitis mephitis
Striped skunk


Taedia&nbspsp. - dorsal view
Taedia sp.
Plant bug

Tadarida&nbspbrasiliensis - showing tail
Tadarida brasiliensis
Brazilian free-tailed bat

Mordella&nbspsp. - close-up of beetle
Mordella sp.
Pintail beetle

Peromyscus&nbsppolionotus - mouse tracks across sand
Peromyscus polionotus
Perdido key beach mouse

undetermined&nbspunknown - showing wing pattern
undetermined unknown
Species of fly

Lontra&nbspcanadensis - side view out of water
Lontra canadensis
North american river otter

Phyllomydas&nbspparvulus - dorsal view
Phyllomydas parvulus
Mydas fly

Eudryas&nbspgrata - top view with wings spread
Eudryas grata
Beautiful wood-nymph

Agraulis&nbspincarnata - newly emerged butterfly and chrysalis cast
Agraulis incarnata
Gulf fritillary

Ocypode&nbspquadrata - crab at entrance to burrow viewed from above and behind
Ocypode quadrata
Ghost crab

Heliocis&nbsprepanda - close-up dorsal view from behind detailing abdomen
Heliocis repanda
False blister beetle


Crassostrea&nbspvirginica - live oysters at low tide
Crassostrea virginica
Eastern oyster


Papilio&nbspglaucus - male feeding on wild geranium
Papilio glaucus
Eastern tiger swallowtail






Pelecanus&nbspoccidentalis  - adult, breeding plumage, side view on water
Pelecanus occidentalis
Brown pelican

Alcaeorrhynchus&nbspgrandis - front view
Alcaeorrhynchus grandis
Giant strong-nosed stink bug

Stilbus-group&nbspStilbus or Acylomus genus - side view on narrowleaf silkgrass flower
Stilbus-group Stilbus or Acylomus genus
Unknown species of stilbus-group

Phalacrocorax&nbspauritus - wings spread to dry
Phalacrocorax auritus
Double-crested cormorant


Sceloporus&nbspundulatus - female lizard on thumb, size view
Sceloporus undulatus
Eastern fence lizard

Physalia&nbspphysalis - close-up of 'body'
Physalia physalis
Portuguese man o' war

Dryocopus&nbsppileatus - rapping on tree
Dryocopus pileatus
Pileated woodpecker

Ascia&nbspmonuste - male approaching female
Ascia monuste
Great southern white




Anolis&nbspcarolinensis - side view of head, close-up
Anolis carolinensis
Green anole


Poecilopompilus&nbspalgidus  - dorsal view from behind with wings folded back, note leg spurs
Poecilopompilus algidus
Spider wasp

Porpita&nbspporpita - top view, almost all brown gone
Porpita porpita
Blue button


Procyon&nbsplotor - face in soft drink can
Procyon lotor
Common raccoon


Thyridopteryx&nbspephemeraeformis - case, side view
Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis
Evergreen bagworm moth

Homaledra&nbspsp. - close-up looking into burst open fruit
Homaledra sp.
Unidentified species

Megalorhipida&nbspleucodactylus - flower and moth head on from above
Megalorhipida leucodactylus
Spiderling plume moth

Bittacomorpha&nbspclavipes - two phantom crane flies
Bittacomorpha clavipes
Phantom crane fly

Eustixia&nbsppupula - side view
Eustixia pupula
Spotted peppergrass moth



Lithobates&nbspsphenocephala - top view
Lithobates sphenocephala
Florida leopard frog

Recurvirostra&nbspamericana - pair in non-breeding plumage
Recurvirostra americana
American avocet

Arilus&nbspcristatus - showing scent sacs extended
Arilus cristatus
Wheel bug

Romalea&nbspmicroptera - adult on necklacepod plant
Romalea microptera
Eastern lubber grasshopper

unidentified Salpidae&nbspunidentified - salp on beach
unidentified Salpidae unidentified
Unknown salp speices


Actias&nbspluna - underside of moth hanging upside down
Actias luna
Luna moth

Euphoria&nbspsepulcralis - low side vew
Euphoria sepulcralis
Dark flower scarab

Plestiodon&nbspinexpectatus - side view
Plestiodon inexpectatus
Southeastern five-lined skink

Sciurus&nbspcarolinensis - front view, sitting on rock
Sciurus carolinensis
Eastern gray squirrel

Dielis&nbspplumipes - male flying from flower to flower
Dielis plumipes
Feather-legged scoliid wasp

Tringa&nbspmelanoleuca - greater(left) and lesser(right) yellowlegs
Tringa melanoleuca
Greater yellowlegs

Orsilochides&nbspguttata - side view on cushion
Orsilochides guttata
Shield-backed bug



Sphex&nbspichneumoneus - flying away from nest
Sphex ichneumoneus
Great golden digger wasp

Hemaris&nbspthysbe - moth and pentas
Hemaris thysbe
Hummingbird clearwing moth

Stomolophus&nbspmeleagris - side view of jelly washed up on beach
Stomolophus meleagris
Cannonball jelly



Sus&nbspscrofa - side view with head turned towards camera
Sus scrofa
Wild hog

Palpada&nbspvinetorum - side view, note thicker 'fuzzy' cross-viens
Palpada vinetorum
Palpada vinetorum

Diachlorus&nbspferrugatus - fly on cocoplum fruit
Diachlorus ferrugatus
Yellow fly of the dismal swamp

Aspidoscelis&nbspsexlineatus - 
Aspidoscelis sexlineatus
Six-lined racerunner

Bothrotes&nbspcanaliculatus - side view on dead seagrape leaf
Bothrotes canaliculatus
Darkling beetle

Gopherus&nbsppolyphemus - side view approaching burrow
Gopherus polyphemus
Gopher tortoise


Scudderia&nbspcuneata - close-up side view of nymph on white wild indigo flowers
Scudderia cuneata
Southeastern bush katydid


Eudocimus&nbspalbus - adult in flight
Eudocimus albus
White ibis

Phereoeca&nbsputerella - larva partially out of case - side view
Phereoeca uterella
Household casebearer

Unknown Tipulidae genus&nbspsp. - top view of cranefly
Unknown Tipulidae genus sp.
Unknown species of large crane flies

Archips&nbsprileyana - close-up of moth
Archips rileyana
Southern ugly-nest caterpillar moth

Trichechus&nbspmanatus - upper body showing face and flippers
Trichechus manatus


Apalone&nbspferox - side view, head out of water
Apalone ferox
Florida softshell turtle

Archilochus&nbspcolubris - female, ventral view in fligh
Archilochus colubris
Ruby-throated hummingbird




Sayornis&nbspphoebe - on stick viewing back of bird and side of head
Sayornis phoebe
Eastern phoebe

Tyto&nbspalba - adult
Tyto alba
Barn owl

Chaetopsis&nbspmassyla - wings close, on table
Chaetopsis massyla
Cornsilk fly

Aurelia&nbspaurita - moon jelly washed up on beach
Aurelia aurita
Moon jellyfish


Ursus&nbspamericanus - 
Ursus americanus
Florida black bear

Eptesicus&nbspfuscus - 
Eptesicus fuscus
Big brown bat

Dielis&nbspplumipes - female on Bidens alba flower
Dielis plumipes
Feather-legged scoliid wasp


Agkistrodon&nbsppiscivorus - at base of Tupelo
Agkistrodon piscivorus
Florida cottonmouth




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