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Everglades Kayaking

Monroe Co. FL 01/31/20
Monroe Co. FL 02/04/20
Monroe Co. FL 02/05/20
Monroe Co. FL 02/02/20

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In early 2020 I joined two other kayakers on a week-long kayak adventure in the Everglades National Park.
We paddled a loop from Flamingo, around Cape Sable up to the Little Shark River, then through a maze of passages to the North River and finally working our way across Whitewater Bay.
The photo of the other two kayakers, Paul H. & Daniel with an osprey perched at the top of a tree was as we were passing the southernmost point of the United States mainland at East Cape Sable on the second day of the trip.
The weathered dead tree on the shore was seen on the day we took a break from paddling to dry out after the previous night's storm.
After spending our first night that was not on a beach at the Sharp River chickee, we paddled our way through the Labyrinth to emerge at the north end of Whitewater Bay, not far from Watson River. "Everglades Mangrove Sky" is a view of the clouds lined up over the mangrove forest looking north-northeast from the relatively calm waters behind some islands shortly after leaving the Labyrinth.
The "Dawn on the North River" photograph was made from the North River chickee on the last morning of this kayak trip.
You can see some of the sunsets from our first night's camp at Clubhouse Beach on the Everglades Sunsets page.

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