Wild Florida Photo - Family: Coccinellidae - Ladybugs, Ladybirds, Lady Beetles



Ladybugs, Ladybirds, Lady Beetles

Harmonia axyridis
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
top view

Members of the Coccinellidae family at Wild Florida Photo:
Chilocorus - Twice-stabbed Lady Beetles

1 species of Chilocorus at Wild Florida Photo

Chilocorus cacti
Cactus Lady Beetle
side view

1 species of Coccinella at Wild Florida Photo

Coccinella septempunctata
Seven-spotted Lady Beetle
dorsal view

1 species of Coelophora at Wild Florida Photo

Coelophora inaequalis
Variable Ladybird Beetle
dorsal view from slightly behind

1 species of Cryptolaemus at Wild Florida Photo

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri
Mealybug Destroyer
beetle on arm

1 species of Exochomus at Wild Florida Photo

Exochomus childreni
Children's Lady Beetle
dorsal view on scorpionstail leaves

Harmonia - greater lady beetles

1 species of Harmonia at Wild Florida Photo

Harmonia axyridis
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
with forewings partially open showing part of hindwing and abdomen

Scymninae - subfamily

1 species of Scymninae at Wild Florida Photo

Scymninae Diomus or Scymnus
Lady Beetle
lady beetle on sea oats

Unidentified Coccinellidae - unknown ladybug larva

1 species of Unidentified Coccinellidae at Wild Florida Photo

unknown Coccinellidae genus unidentified
Ladybug, Ladybird Or Lady Beetle
larvae in cup

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Coccinellidae is a member of the Order Coleoptera - beetles