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Scrubland Goldenaster

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Scrubland Goldenaster

Scrubland Goldenaster - Chrysopsis subulata
Location - Palm Bluff Conservation Area - Volusia County
Habitat - Flatwoods and disturbed sites
Range - Florida peninsula from St. Johns & Alachua Counties, south to Lake Ockeechobee, plus Collier County
Description - Scrubland goldenasters have yellow ray and disk flowers. Chrysopsis subulata can most easily be distinguished from the other Chrysopsis species by its awl-shaped (subulate) and flexuous bracts around the base of the flower. These bracts are called phyllaries in the aster family. The stem leaves are alternate, numerous and vary from linear to spatulate. The basal leaves are spatulate or obovate and can be smooth or covered with long white hairs.
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