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Bartram's Ixia

20x24 gallery wrapped canvas print
Bartram's Ixia

Bartram's Ixia - Calydorea caelestina
Endangered Florida species
Location - St. Johns County roadside
Habitat - Open, grassy, wet to mesic flatwoods
Range - Seven adjoining counties in northeast Florida: Baker, Bradford, Clay, Duval, Putman, St. Johns & Union.
Description - The blue-violet flowers are 2-1/2 inches across with six tepals (similar-looking petals and sepals) that open in early morning and begin closing by mid-morning. Each flower only opens for one morning, with blooming typically between mid-April and mid-June. The flowers have a white, club-shaped style tipped with a purple, three-lobed stigma. The three yellow stamens have elongated anthers. Basal leaves are few, grasslike and shorter than the stem. There are also some small leaves scattered along the 8 to 16 inch stems. The tepals are broader and less pointed than Celestial Lily.
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