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Hawthorns, Native Plant Society field trips, beetles & jigsaw puzzles...

Welcome to the Paul Rebmann Nature Photography Newsletter November 2021 edition.

Recently I have been going back and revisiting photos from the past that I had not previously done anything with in the way of processing and/or posting. One example of this are the hawthorns.

This summer I served on several Florida State Park Land Mangement Reviews(LMR). One of these was for the Haw Creek Preserve State Park, named after the creek that runs through it, which itself is named for the May haws or May hawthorn trees that are found in that area.
 May haw leaves and fruit in front of a palm frond

I had kayaked Haw Creek a few years ago, and also walked the boardwalk in the adjacent county park several times, sometimes with Florida Native Plant Society Pawpaw Chapter field trips.

This prompted me to look back and see if I had photographed any of the hawthorns before. Interestingly I found that I had images of four of the ten species of hawthorn native to Florida. Most of these I had photographed during Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) conference field trips around the state. But I had not photographed the hawthorn that occurs along Haw Creek.

After the field review portion of the LMR for Haw Creek, I revisited the Haw Creek county park and treked down the boardwalk, photographing may haws, along with several other interesting plants.
 May haw along the Haw Creek Preserve boardwalk

One of those other plants was water locust, which it turns out I had also photographed at the USF Forest Preserve during a 2008 FNPS conference field trip.

The year before that, at a FNPS conference field trip to San Felasco Hammock State Preserve we saw two different hawthorns, yellowleaf and parsley.
 yellowleaf hawthorn trunk and thorns
 yellowleaf hawthorn branch with leaves

 parsely hawthorn trunk with thorns

I later photographed this species again during the 2010 FNPS State Confrerence on a field trip to Gadsden Glades near Chattahoochee, Florida.
 parsley hawthorn leaves

During this same field trip at Gadsden Glades we saw yet another Crataegus species, littlehip hawthorn, C. spathulata.
 littlehip hawthorn trunk
 littlehip hawthorn branch with leaves & thorn

Later that same day I saw another littlehip hawthorn tree in the nearby Angus Gholson Nature Park.

To see more photos of any of these hawthorns and read about them in more detail, click on its image above.

Along with processing and posting previously photographed images I have also been reporting more observations to iNaturalist (as naturepaul).

Upcoming events and programs

On Monday, Nov. 8 at 7pm, Paul Rebmann will present a program on Beetles & Native Plants for the Florida Native Plant Society Pawpaw Chapter. This will be an online Zoom meeting.

The Beetles & Native Plants will be a brief overview of Coleoptera, the order of beetles, and why we might be interested in them. Beetles don’t often come to mind when people think of pollinators, but they can be. Many of the beetles that will be shown have been observed on Florida native plants, and some of these interactions with the plants will be pointed out.
For more information on this event go to the Wild Florida Photo events page

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Beach Needles and Coquina

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Thank you, and I hope that you enjoy my photography.
Paul Rebmann
Wild Florida Photo
Twitter @WildFlPhoto

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