Wild Florida Photo - Crataegus marshallii - Parsley Hawthorn

Crataegus marshallii 

Parsley Hawthorn

Florida native

Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
Gadsden Co. FL 05/20/10
Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
Gadsden Co. FL 05/20/10
Gadsden Co. FL 05/20/10

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A frequent hawthorn mainly of floodplain forests and other moist wooded areas from the central peninsula northward. The range extends throughout the southeast west into Texas and Oklahoma and north into Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Virginia.
Parsley haw is a small tree growing to 8m (26 ft.) tall having scaly bark with gray and tan splotches and thorny branches. Older trees may have leafy thorns up to 5cm (2 in.) long on the trunk. Leaves are alternate, simple with conspicuous teeth and usually deeply lobed. The leaves are widest at or just above the base giving the blade an overall triangular shape and veins extend to both the teeth and the sinuses between the teeth. The flowers are white to pinkish with showy red anthers and are 1.5 to 2cm (~3/4 in.) wide when fully mature. The round fruit is bright red when mature and 5-7mm (~1/4 in.) in diameter.


Crataegus marshallii is a member of the Rosaceae - Rose family.

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