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Parker solar probe launch, Perseids meteor shower, rocks and change at Paul Rebmann Nature Photography

Welcome to the Paul Rebmann Nature Photography Newsletter August 2018 edition.

There have been major changes in the world of Paul Rebmann Nature Photography since the last newsletter. June marked the end of the day job as a technology nerd, allowing more time for nature photography and just getting out in nature more.

This extra time has facilitated at least one kayaking day each month, sure to be covered more in depth in a future newsletter and blog post. Virginia & I also had a two week vacation northward with stops in North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Montreal. In two of those states we saw some intersting rock areas.

The first of these was Rock City. Not the Rock City that I grew up seeing advertised on barns along US 41 and the Interstate highways in Tennessee and other southeastern states. This was Rock City State Forest in western New York state.
Geologic processes of erosion and pressure resulted in huge, somewhat cube-shaped rocks separating and creating passages in between them. The Little Rock City nature trail allows visitors to explore around and through this rock garden in the woods.
Looking down at the trail from on top of one of the huge rocks.
Paul next to one of the rocks along the Little Rock City nature trail.

The other interesting rock feature that we visited was the Boulder Field, a remnant of landscape left over from the last advance of ice age glaciers at Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania. The Hickory Run boulder field was created by a geologic process called gelifluction, the results of ground thawing and freezing cycles in the presence of a nearby glacier.
Boulder Field at Hickory Run State ParkBoulder Field at Hickory Run State Park

This month included waking up in the middle of the night twice to catch the launch of the Parker Solar Probe on the Delta IV Heavy rocket. The first night the launch was put on hold, then countdown restarted before being scrubbed in the last minutes. The second night - Sunday August 12 - the launch went on time at the opening of the launch window. A five and a half minute exposure captured the path of the rocket in the night sky.

Parker Solar Probe Launch

The same weekend as the launch was the peak of the Perseids meteor shower for 2018. I stayed up both nights experimenting with photographing the meteors. I managed to capture at least one meteor and also what appeared to be a slow, long-lasting fireball.
You can read more about the Parker Solar Probe Launch and the Perseids meteor shower objects that I photographed at the Paul Rebmann Nature Photography blog.
And speaking of the blog, all of the Paul Rebmann Nature Photography blog posts can now be conveniently found on the new mobile friendly page on the Wild Florida Photo website at

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Thank you, and I hope that you enjoy my photography.
Paul Rebmann
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