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Utricularia cornuta - HORNED BLADDERWORT

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A Phaon Crescent butterfly feeding on the flowers of it's larval host plant, turkey tangle fogfruit. The scientific name of fogfruit is Phyla nodiflora, leading me to title this image Phaon on Phyla.

Phyciodes phaon - PHAON CRESCENT

This small butterfly can be found flying at any time of year throughout Florida in various disturbed areas such as roadsides, vacant lots, canal banks and utility corridors, often in close association with the larval host plant. The range includes much of the south central United States as far north as Missouri and northwest into eastern Colorado. Found through much of the southeastern coastal plain and west in the U.S.-Mexico boarder region, south into Mexico to Guatemala and also in Cuba.
The wingspan of the Phaon crescent is from 1 to 1-1/2 inches. The forewing is orange with a black border and lines, and a pale cream to yellowish median band. The underside of the hindwing is cream to yellowish with brown markings, with the winter form showing more brown.
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