Glandularia maritima - Beach Verbena
Beach Verbena

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Agraulis vanillae - Gulf Fritillary on Passiflora incarnata alba - White Passionflower
Gulf Fritillary on White Passionflower

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Paul Rebmann Nature Photography Events

The following programs are available for for presentation to your group. Contact the photographer for details and to schedule.

Wildflowers of Volusia County

Paul Rebmann's latest program is "Wildflowers of Volusia County". This narrated visual presentation of wildflower photographs will take you through various Volusia County habitats in a virtual wildflower walk from the Atlantic coast dunes to the St. Johns River. Wildflowers from the common to the rare, including one that is only found in Volusia County.

Wildflowers of Volusia County will be presented at the Halifax River Audubon meeting at Sica Hall in Holly Hill, Monday Mar. 16, 2020. Doors open at 6:30 pm, presentation at 7pm.

Wildflowers and Pollinators

One of the marvels of nature is the symbiotic relationship - where both parties benefit - between wildflowers and pollinators. When pollinators are mentioned, the first thing that probably comes tomind are bees, or possibly butterflies. What many people may not realize is the large diversity of species that are helping to pollinate our plants, whether in the wild, in landscapes or on farms. And the plants, particularly natives that help feed the pollinators that also go on to pollinate the plants that feed us. Wildflowers and Pollinators features information, photos and even a few videos, including stages of the life cycles of the spiderling plume moth and gulf fritillary butterfly.

For a sample of some of the other subjects that may be included in the program see the Wildflowers and Pollinators and Gulf Fritillary Butterfly blog posts.

Only In Florida

Only in Florida is a visual program on Florida endemic plants and animals by Paul Rebmann. An endemic is a species that is naturally found only in a particular geographic area, in this case Florida. This program will show images of these interesting and unique inhabitants of the Sunshine state, with information about each. There are no presentations currently scheduled. Contact Paul Rebmann to schedule the Only in Florida program for your group.

The program Only in Florida features mostly plants, and a few of the animals that are endemic to Florida as seen through the photography of Paul Rebmann with information about each, including where they are found and how are they different from their more wide-ranging relatives. Some of the species that will be covered include Volusia County's Deeringothamnus rugelii (Rugel's false pawpaw), scrub species such as Asclepias curissii (Curtis' milkweed) and Bonamia grandiflora (Florida lady's nightcap), panhandle endemic Harperocallis flava (Harper's beauty) and many more.

Florida ranks as the fourth highest state in the number of endemic species - those plants and animals naturally occurring only within the state - with only California, Hawaii and Texas having more than Florida. Early botanists exploring Florida such as Alvan Wentworth Chapman and John Kunkel Small noted the high number of endemic species in the state. The geographic isolation of the Florida peninsula, climate and soil variations contribute to this unique biodiversity. Isolation during earlier geologic epochs when higher sea levels created islands in the higher areas is also a likely factor that contributed to the high number of endemics, especially in areas like the highly biodiverse Lake Wales Ridge.

On online preview of the Only in Florida exhibit can be found here.

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The Paul Rebmann Nature Photography sales tent The Paul Rebmann Nature Photography sales tent.