Wild Florida Photo - Stenanthium densum - Osceola's plume

Stenanthium densum

Osceola's plume
Pinebarren deathcamas

Florida native

Franklin Co. FL 05/29/16
A common wildflower of wet flatwoods, bogs and savannas in much of Florida north of Lake Okeechobee, although absent from the Big Bend area. The range extends through the southeastern coastal states from Texas to Virginia, plus Tennessee.
Osceola's plume is perennial, growing to 1m (3 ft.) tall or more. The prominent leaves are basal and grasslike, while the few alternate stem leaves are greatly reduced on glabrous stalks. The small flowers have 6 white to pinkish tepals and 6 stamens. The flowers are grouped in terminal, elongated and often tapering clusters, creating the 'plume' of one of the common names. The plants are also called crowpoison, due to their poisonous nature.
Stenanthium densum was previously classified as Zigadenus densus in the deathcamas genus and the lily family.
Osceola was a Seminole leader of the early 1800's and a pivotal figure in the Second Seminole Indian War in Florida.

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Franklin Co. FL 05/29/16
Franklin Co. FL 05/29/16

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Stenanthium densum is a member of the Melanthiaceae - Melianthus family.

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