Wild Florida Photo - Ranunculus recurvatus - Blisterwort

Ranunculus recurvatus 

Hooked Buttercup

Florida native

Haywood Co. NC 04/25/21
Haywood Co. NC 04/25/21

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A wildflower of moist to wet hammocks, rare in Florida found only in the panhandle counties of Jackson and Liberty. The range extends throughout the eastern United States and Canada, west into the Dakotas to Texas, plus Washington State and Puerto Rico.
The prominent leaves are basal or alternate, cordate in overall shape but deeply divided into three or more toothed segments. The yellow petals are 3-5mm long and shorter than the sepals. Fruit is a globose head of hooked achenes.
Like a number of the buttercup species, this plant is toxic when fresh and can irritate the skin, leading to the common name blisterwort. The other common name - hooked buttercup - and the specific name - recurvatus - derive from the characteristic of having hooked achenes.


Ranunculus recurvatus is a member of the Ranunculaceae - Buttercup family.

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