Wild Florida Photo - Maianthemum racemosum - Feathery false solomon's seal

Maianthemum racemosum

Feathery false solomon's seal
Feathery false lily of the valley
False solomon seal

Synonym(s): Smilacina racemosa

Florida native

Haywood Co. NC 04/25/21

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In Florida a rare plant of hammocks found only in Liberty County. This perennial of rich woods is widespread throughout both the eastern and western United States and into Canada.
Alternate leaves are in two rows along the un-branched arching stems growing from 0.4-1m (16 to 39 in.) tall. The elliptic leaves are sessile with prominent parallel veins, 8-15cm (3 to 6 in.) long with fine hairs on the underside. The tiny flowers with six white tepals appear during the spring in dense terminal panicles. The fruit is a green with red blotches or red berry 6mm (1/4 in.) in diameter.
This plant was formerly classified in the genus Smilacina.


Maianthemum racemosum is a member of the Ruscaceae - Butcher's Broom family.

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