Wild Florida Photo - Moringa oleifera - Horseradishtree

Moringa oleifera 


Not native to Florida

Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/19/19
Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/19/19
Matanzas Prov, Cuba 02/19/19

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A rare escapee from cultivation in Manatee, Broward, Miami-Dade Counties and the Keys. Native to tropical Asia. Also introduced in the Virgin Islands, Puerto RIco and other parts of the Caribbean.
A sparse tree growing up to 8m (26 ft.) tall with large bipinnate leaves. Individual leaves up to 90cm (3 ft.) long. Primary pinnae opposite about 5cm (2 in.) apart. Secondary pinnae also opposite leaflets, dark green above, pale underneath, up to 2.5cm (1 in.) long, with the terminal leaflet often larger. The flowers of five white petals and five green sepals are radially symmetric and appear in loose axillary panicles up to 15cm (6 in.) long. The large distinctive fruit can be up to 90cm (3 ft.) long and 12cm (4-3/4 in.) wide, constricted at intervals.


Moringa oleifera is a member of the Moringaceae - Horse-radish tree family.

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