Wild Florida Photo - Commelina communis - Asiatic Dayflower

Commelina communis 

Asiatic Dayflower

Not native to Florida

Volusia Co. FL 05/18/20
Volusia Co. FL 05/18/20
Volusia Co. FL 05/18/20
Volusia Co. FL 05/18/20

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A rare wildflower of disturbed sites in the central and northern peninsula and the panhandle. Native to Asia, it has also been introduced into much of the eastern United States plus Quebec and Ontario.
This dayflower may be erect or decumbent, often rooting at the nodes. Commelina communis has a spathe that is open and flowers with two larger blue to bluish-violet petals and on smaller much paler or white petal. Flowers have three fertile stamens with yellow anthers and three infertile staminodes. The alternate leaves are narrowly lanceolate to ovate elliptic.


Commelina communis is a member of the Commelinaceae - Spiderwort family.

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