Wild Florida Photo - Aletris obovata - Southern colicroot

Aletris obovata

Southern colicroot

Florida native

Levy Co. FL 05/07/06
Levy Co. FL 05/07/06
Levy Co. FL 05/07/06
Levy Co. FL 05/07/06

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A frequent wildflower of moist flatwoods and savannas in norther Florida, south into Citrus County and west into the central panhandle. The range includes Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina.
These perennials have glabrous stems grow to 1m (~3 ft.) tall or more. They have mostly basal leaves in a rosette, stem leaves are reduced. The small white flowers appear in a terminal spike in spring and summer. The six tepals have a bumpy outer surface and there are six stamens with reddish anthers.


Aletris obovata is a member of the Nartheciaceae -  family.

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