Wild Florida Photo - Hasteola robertiorum - Hammockherb

Hasteola robertiorum

Gulf hammock indian plantain

Florida native

Endemic to Florida

Endangered Florida species

Lake Co. FL 09/14/19
Lake Co. FL 09/14/19
Lake Co. FL 09/14/19

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A rare herbaceous plant of wet hammocks in Lake and Levy Counties.
Similar to the genus Arnoglossum, but differentiated by the number of phyllaries on the cylindrical flowers. Arnoglossum has 5 phyllaries, winged in some species, while Hasteola has 7 or more phyllaries. These appear as raised ribs in the unopened flowers, separating into linear pointed lobes as the flowers develop. Hammockherb also has ten or more florets in each flower, while Arnoglossum has only 5 florets per flower.
Plants typically grow up to a meter (~3 ft.), but sometimes taller. Leaves are alternate with basal and lower leaves large, deltate, toothed and with winged petioles. Basal leaves may be up to 54cm (21 in.) in length. Upper leaves reduced, and appear sessile and more lanceolate.


Hasteola robertiorum is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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