Wild Florida Photo - Eriocaulon compressum - Flattened pipewort

Eriocaulon compressum

Flattened pipewort

Florida native

Lake Co. FL 03/29/13
Marion Co. FL 03/30/19

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A common perennial wildflower of wet flatwoods, bogs and marshes throughout most of Florida. The range includes the Gulf and Atlantic coastal states from Texas to New Jersey.
White 10-20mm (3/8 - 3/4 in.) wide heads terminate 1-3mm (up to 1/8 in.) diameter ribbed scapes 20-70cm (8 - 28 in.) tall. The heads flatten when compressed. Leaves are linear, 5-30cm (2 - 12 in.) long in basal tufts.


Eriocaulon compressum is a member of the Eriocaulaceae - Pipewort family.

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