Wild Florida Photo - Carphephorus carnosus - Pineland Chaffhead

Carphephorus carnosus

Pineland Chaffhead
Prairie Stars

Synonym(s): Litrisa carnosa

Florida native

Endemic to Florida

Osceola Co. FL 08/26/06
Osceola Co. FL 08/26/06
Osceola Co. FL 08/26/06

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An occasional perennial of wet flatwoods of the central peninsula from Volusia County into Palm Beach County on the east coast and west into Lee and Charlotte Counties on the west coast.
Pineland chaffhead is usually less than 1m (~3 ft.) tall with finely pubescent stems. The basal leaves are narrowly linear to linear-lanceolate and form a depressed (flat) rosette. The stem leaves are greatly reduced. The purple flowers have hairy, spine-tipped bracts and appear in a terminal corymb. Individual flower heads are less than 1cm (4/10 in.) long.


Carphephorus carnosus is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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