Wild Florida Photo - Diospyros virginiana - Common Persimmon

Diospyros virginiana

Common Persimmon

Florida native

Lyon Co. KY 10/02/13

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A common small to medium-sized tree of flatwoods, sandhills and hammocks throughout most of Florida except for the keys. The range extends throughout the southeastern United States northeast into Massachusetts and New York, west to Nebraska to Texas, plus Utah and California.
Persimmon trees grow to about 20 m (66 ft.) tall with dark bark breaking into blocks with deep reddish-brown furrows. The leaves are deciduous , alternate and simple with short petioles. Blades are entire and ovate to elliptic with rounded bases and pointed tips. Male flowers are borne in clusters and are tubular. The white to greenish-yellow flowers are 2 cm (3/4 in.) long. Fruit is round, 4-5 cm (1-1/2 - 2 in.) in diameter and orange when ripe.

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Diospyros virginiana is a member of the Ebenaceae - Ebony family.

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