Wild Florida Photo - Hamamelis virginiana

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Hamamelis virginiana


Florida native


This shrub or small tree can be found in wet hammocks, creek swamps and ravines in the northern parts of Florida and into the central peninsula, mostly inland. The range extends throughout eastern North America, west into Texas and Oklahoma.
Growing up to 8m (26 ft.) in height, the trunk is low branching with zig-zag twigs. Leaves are alternate and simple, 6-15cm (2-1/3 to 6 in.) long and up to 10cm (4 in.) wide, with undulate or scalloped margins. The dull green leaves turn pale yellow in autumn. The small but distinctive late fall and winter flowers have yellow ribbon-like petals. The fruit is a small brown four-pointed and two-valved capsule 1-1.6cm (3/8 - 5/8 in.) long.
The seeds are a food for wildlife, including birds, deer, beaver and rabbits.

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Hamamelis virginiana is a member of the Hamamelidaceae - Witch-hazel family.