Wild Florida Photo - Bidens laevis - Burrmarigold

Bidens laevis

Smooth beggarticks

Florida native

Seminole Co. FL 12/01/13
Seminole Co. FL 12/01/13
Hernando Co. FL 11/20/11
Seminole Co. FL 12/01/13
Seminole Co. FL 12/01/13

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A frequent perennial found throughout much of Florida in marshes, shallow ponds, along rivers, roadside ditches and other disturbed sites. The range extends through most of the states east of the Mississippi River except Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Vermont. West of the Mississippi burrmarigold is found in the southernmost states, plus Missouri, Arkansas and Nevada.
Also known as smooth beggarticks, the flowers are held erect with yellow ray petals and yellow-orange disks, appearing mostly in the fall. Stems are glabrous, up to 1 m (~ 3 ft.) tall, and can be ascending or declining and rooting at the nodes. Leaves are opposite and sessile, with undivided elliptic to lanceolate blades up to 13 cm (5 in.) long.
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Bidens laevis is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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