Wild Florida Photo - Asimina x nashii - 

Asimina x nashii 

Florida native

Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07
Alachua Co. FL 04/22/07

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Asimina x nashii is a hybrid of A. angustifolia and A. incana. It is found in north Florida, from Levy, Marion & Putnam Counties north into Madison, Hamilton & Columbia Counties. Also occurs in three southern Georgia Counties.
Having some of the characteristics of both slimleaf and wooly pawpaw, this hybrid typically has numerous primary shoots with the older stems having reddish-brown bark. The alternate leaves are simple, entire and oblong, from 4-15 cm (1-1/2 to 6 in.) long and 1-3 cm (less than half an inch to a little over an inch) wide. The upper leaf surface is dark green, and the underside is paler. Flowers are borne from the leaf axils, nearly erect. The outer petals are white or pale pink from 3-10 cm (1-4 in.) long. the inner petals are half to a quarter the length of the outer, and are white to maroon with deep purple markings near the base of the inside. A. incana has yellow markings instead of purple near the base of the inner petals. A. angustifolia has more linear than oblong leaves.


Asimina x nashii is a member of the Annonaceae - Custard-apple family.

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