Wild Florida Photo - Asimina spatulata - Lake Jackson Pawpaw

Asimina spatulata 

Lake Jackson Pawpaw
Slimleaf Pawpaw

Synonym(s): Asimina longifolia var. spatulata, Asimina angustifolia

Florida native

Leon Co. FL 05/27/07
Leon Co. FL 05/27/07
Leon Co. FL 05/27/07

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An occasional small shrub of sandhills, flatwoods and scrub primarily west of the Suwannee River through the panhandle into Okaloosa County. The range extends into southern Alabama and Georgia.
Primary stems are strongly arching, with alternate leaves spatulate to narrowly spatulate or oblanceolate, widest near the apex. White flowers with inner petals that may be white, pink, reddish or purplish.
Before 2011, this species was considered a variety of slimleaf pawpaw and classified as Asimina longifolia var. spatulata. Some sources lump A. spatulata into Asimina angustifolia and consider the former a synonym of the latter.


Asimina spatulata is a member of the Annonaceae - Custard-apple family.

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