Wild Florida Photo - Pinus taeda - Loblolly pine

Pinus taeda

Loblolly pine
Arkansas pine

Florida native

Suwannee Co. FL 12/31/11

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A frequent pine tree of uplands and well-drained floodplains in north Florida and into the central peninsula as far as the I-4 corridor plus DeSoto County. The range extends throughout the southeastern states west into Texas and Oklahoma, and extening north into Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and New Jersey.
Loblolly pines are medium to large, growing to 40m (130 ft.) tall. The bark is deeply furrowed often appearing as vertical lines running up the trunk. Needles are mostly in bundles of 3, but occasionally 2. Needle length averages from 12-15cm (4-3/4 to 6 in.) but varying both shorter and longer by and inch or two. Pine cones are mostly sessile and 6-10cm (2-1/3 to 4 in.) long.


Pinus taeda is a member of the Pinaceae - Pine family.

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