Wild Florida Photo - Drosera tracyi - Tracy's sundew

Drosera tracyi

Tracy's sundew

Florida native

Liberty Co. FL 05/24/03
Liberty Co. FL 05/23/10
Liberty Co. FL 05/24/03
Liberty Co. FL 05/24/03

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A frequent carnivorous plant of bogs and flatwoods in the Florida panhandle. The range extends through the southeastern coastal states from Georgia into Louisiana plus California.
Tracy's sundew has bladeless, threadlike leaves up to 41 cm (16 in.) long densely covered with sticky glands. Flowers appear in April and May with five rose-purple or white petals on tall hairy stalks. Minute seeds form in a capsule.
The sticky glands on the stalk-like leaves catch insects - like the bella moth pictured here - that are absorbed into the plant. This dietary supplement allows sundews to survive in nutrient poor soils.


Drosera tracyi is a member of the Droseraceae - Sundew family.

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