Wild Florida Photo - Aletris lutea - Yellow colicroot

Aletris lutea

Yellow colicroot

Florida native

Liberty Co. FL 05/23/10
Liberty Co. FL 05/23/10
Liberty Co. FL 05/23/10
Liberty Co. FL 05/23/10

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A common wildflower of moist flatwoods, savannas and ditches most of FLorida except for the big bend area. Yellow colicroot ranges in the southeastern coastal states from Louisiana to Georgia.
The yellow bell-shaped flowers are numerous in a terminal spike from early spring into summer. Plant often grows to over a meter (~3 ft.) tall from a basal rosette of yellowish-green pointed leaves. The stem leaves are greatly reduced. The individual flowers are 9-12 mm (1/3 - 1/2 in.) long, being 2.5 times or more as long as broad, with a mealy, or bumpy, outer surface.
A similar species - A. aurea - shorter and with smaller flowers, is found in the panhandle.


Aletris lutea is a member of the Nartheciaceae -  family.

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