Wild Florida Photo - Cornus florida - Flowering dogwood

Cornus florida

Flowering dogwood

Florida native

Clay Co. FL 03/08/09
Hamilton Co. FL 11/08/08
Clay Co. FL 03/08/09
Hamilton Co. FL 11/08/08
Clay Co. FL 03/08/09

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A frequent small tree of mesic hammocks, roadsides and landscapes throughout the panhandle, north and central peninsula south to Manatee County. The range extends throughout all of the eastern United States, west to Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, northwest to Missouri, Illinois and Michigan, plus Ontario.
What appear to be four large usually creamy-white petals are actually bracts surrounding clusters of small flowers in the center of the springtime inflorescence. Leaves are opposite, broadly elliptic, simple and entire, 2-7 cm(3/4 to 2-3/4 in.) wide and 3-10 cm(1-1/8 to 4 in.) long. The fruit is an ellipsoid bright red berry 8-14 mm(1/3 to 1/3 in.) long in small clusters. Flowering doogwood trees grow to 12 m (40 ft.) in height with grayish blocky bark.


Cornus florida is a member of the Cornaceae - Dogwood family.

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