Wild Florida Photo - Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinalflower

Lobelia cardinalis

Red Lobelia

Florida native

Threatened Florida species

Sumter Co. FL 05/19/19
Sumter Co. FL 05/19/19
Marion Co. FL 09/27/08
Marion Co. FL 07/23/11
Marion Co. FL 07/23/11
Marion Co. FL 07/23/11
Marion Co. FL 09/27/08
Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia, PA 07/18/09
Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia, PA 07/18/09

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An occasional perennial herb of floodplain forests and spring runs from about the I-4 corridor northward. The range extends throughout the eastern United States and Canada and into the southwestern states.
This is the only red-flowered lobelia in Florida and much of its range. The bright red or scarlet flowers grow in a showy raceme. The zygomorphic flowers are two-lipped, with the lower lip often more deeply lobed than most of the lobelias. The calyx has five linear, entire and hairy lobes. The fruits are ovoid or spherical capsules with brown seeds. The alternate leaves are elliptic to lanceolate, toothed, and reduced upward. Plants can grow to 3 meters (~10 ft.) tall.


Lobelia cardinalis is a member of the Campanulaceae - Bellflower family.

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