Wild Florida Photo - Aloe sp. - Aloe

Aloe sp. 

Aloe Species

Not native to Florida

Volusia Co. FL (landscape) 08/20/19
Volusia Co. FL (landscape) 08/20/19
Volusia Co. FL 12/31/01
Volusia Co. FL (landscape) 08/04/19
Volusia Co. FL 12/31/01

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Aloes are native to the Mediterranean region and Africa. In Florida they are mostly found only in landscapes, although plants escaped from cultivation can occur in various open dry sites.
There are many species of Aloe. At least two have been reported in Florida, Aloe vera and a hybrid of A. maculata and A. grandidentata called Aloe x commutata. The photos posted here might be A. commutata as A. vera has yellow flowers.


Aloe sp. is a member of the Aloaceae - Aloe family.

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