Wild Florida Photo - Aristolochia littoralis - Elegant Dutchman's-pipe

Aristolochia littoralis 

Elegant Dutchman's-pipe
Calico Flower
Marshy Dutchman's-pipe

Synonym(s): Aristolochia elegans

Not native to Florida

Florida Invasive Species Council: Category II designation

Invasive exotics that have increased in abundance or frequency but have not yet altered Florida plant communities to the extent shown by Category I species.
Planting this species should be avoided and removal of existing plants may be desirable.

Polk Co. FL 07/16/06
Polk Co. FL 07/18/06
Polk Co. FL 07/16/06
Polk Co. FL 07/18/06
Polk Co. FL 07/16/06
Polk Co. FL 07/16/06

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Native to tropical America, this perennial vine has escaped cultivation and can be found in disturbed hammocks and landscapes throughout much of central Florida, from Alachua County to Highlands, including the coastal counties of Pasco and Volusia, plus Broward and Miami-Dade in south Florida. Elegant dutchman's-pipe also occurs in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Calico flowers (another common name) are large and showy with the typical dutchman's-pipe shape. The leaves are cordate with pseudostipules present.
Aristolochia littoralis is a host plant for the pipevine and gold-rim(tailless) swallowtails.


Aristolochia littoralis is a member of the Aristolochiaceae - Birthwort family.

Date record last modified: Sep 19, 2017

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