Wild Florida Photo - Baptisia alba - White wild indigo

Baptisia alba

White wild indigo
Prairie false indigo

Synonym(s): Baptisia leucantha

Florida native

Hamilton Co. FL 04/11/04
Flagler Co. FL (landscape) 04/25/07
Hamilton Co. FL 04/11/04
Flagler Co. FL (landscape) 04/25/04

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An ocassional plant of flatwoods, hammocks and riverbanks in much of the panhandle and down the western and central peninsula as far as Citrus and Lake Counties. The range extends throughout much of the eastern and central United States: west into Texas through Nebraska, and north into Minnesota to New York, plus Ontario.
This perennial herb can grow to a meter tall with alternate compound trifoliate leaflets. The white pea-shaped racemes of flowers appear in the spring.


Baptisia alba is a member of the Fabaceae - Pea family.

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