Wild Florida Photo - Lobelia amoena - Southern Lobelia

Lobelia amoena var. glandulifera

Southern Lobelia

Florida native

Marion Co. FL 11/04/06
Marion Co. FL 11/04/06
Marion Co. FL 11/04/06
Marion Co. FL 11/04/06
Marion Co. FL 11/04/06

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An occasional wildflower of the central and western panhandle plus Marion County. The range extends throughout the southeastern coastal states from Louisiana to Virginia, plus Tennessee.
The lavender zygomorphic flowers are two lipped. The upper lip is split longitudinally with the tips erect. The lower lip is three-lobed with a pale or white center. Stem leaves are elliptic to ovate or oblanceolate, over 1 cm (0.4 in.) wide and usualy more than 3 cm (1.2 in.) long. The stem and leaves are glabrous, or with only a few inconspicuous trichomes. The caylx lobes are narrow and extending out away from the base of the corolla. In this, the glandulifera variety, the calyx lobes have glands along the margins. The margins of the amoena variety of this species have entire calyx margins without glands.


Lobelia amoena is a member of the Campanulaceae - Bellflower family.

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