Wild Florida Photo - Kalanchoe pinnata - Cathedral bells

Kalanchoe pinnata

Cathedral bells
Life plant

Not native to Florida

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council: Category II designation

Invasive exotics that have increased in abundance or frequency but have not yet altered Florida plant communities to the extent shown by Category I species.
Planting this species should be avoided and removal of existing plants may be desirable.

Volusia Co. FL 01/06/07
Volusia Co. FL 01/06/07
Volusia Co. FL 01/06/07

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Native to Asia, this succulent is occasional throughout the southern Florida peninsula and up the coasts into the central peninsula.
The leaves are flat with scalloped red margins that are sharply notched. The flowers are reddish-purple bell-shaped drooping in large panicles.


Kalanchoe pinnata is a member of the Crassulaceae - Stonecrop family.

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