Wild Florida Photo - Eryngium baldwinii - Baldwin's Eryngo

Eryngium baldwinii 

Baldwin's Eryngo

Florida native

Orange Co. FL 05/12/05
Orange Co. FL 05/12/05
Orange Co. FL 05/12/05

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A common inconspicuous wildflower of flatwoods, floodplain forests and disturbed sites throughout most of the peninsula and west into the central panhandle.
The blue to bluish-violet flowers are very small dense globular to ovoid clusters arising from the leaf axils. Each of the tiny florets have five petals and five stamens. The bracts barely extend beyond the flower cluster. The slender stems are prostrate, creeping along the ground. The alternate leaves are highly variable, some are either elliptic to elliptic ovate and toothed. Others are lobed or deeply dissected, either palmately ot ternately (in three parts).


Eryngium baldwinii is a member of the Apiaceae - Carrot family.

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