Wild Florida Photo - Spiranthes laciniata - Lacelip Ladiestresses

Spiranthes laciniata 

Lacelip Ladiestresses

Florida native

Threatened Florida species

Levy Co. FL 05/07/06
Levy Co. FL 05/07/06
Levy Co. FL 05/07/06
Levy Co. FL 05/07/06
Levy Co. FL 05/07/06
Levy Co. FL 05/07/06

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A frequent terrestrial orchid of scattered counties throughout Florida, more widespread in the southern peninsula. The range extends mostly through the southeastern coastal plain from Texas to New Jersey, with occurrences in more interior regions of some of these states.
The habitats of Spiranthes laciniata include swamps and marshes, wet roadsides and ditches, and the prairies of south Florida. These orchids are often found growing in standing water.
From ten to fifty flowers are arranged in a single-ranked spiral at the top of a densely pubescent stem from 20-95cm (8-38 in.) tall. The trichomes (hairs) are capitate (ball-tipped), helping to differentiate this species from other similar orchids. The flowers white to ivory colored, with a creamy-yellowish center and an oblong lip that is undulate and lacerate (wavy and ragged). Lacelip ladiestresses have 3 to 5 lanceolate leaves 4-40cm (1-1/2 to 16 in.) long and 1-1.7cm (3/8 to 2/3 in.) wide.
This species is most easily confused with Spiranthes vernalis, which has pointed hairs instead of the ball-tipped hairs of S. laciniata.

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Spiranthes laciniata is a member of the Orchidaceae - Orchid family.

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