Wild Florida Photo - Cardamine bulbosa - Bulbous bittercress

Cardamine bulbosa

Bulbous bittercress
Spring cress

Synonym(s): Cardamine rhomboidea

Florida native

Maury Co. TN 10/29/05
Maury Co. TN 10/29/05
Maury Co. TN 10/29/05

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Occasionally found in floodplain forests and along streams and spring runs from the central panhandle to the central peninsula. From Florida the range extends north into New Hampshire and Quebec, west to Manitoba and through the central states from North Dakota to Texas and all areas in between, covering much of the central and eastern portions of North America.
This perennial grows to 60 cm tall with alternate leaves. The basal leaves are petioled and rounded. The stem leaves are sessile, reduced above and often with wavy or shallowly toothed edges. The flowers have four white petals and are in terminal clusters.


Cardamine bulbosa is a member of the Brassicaceae - Mustard family.

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