Wild Florida Photo - Physalis angustifolia - Coastal Groundcherry

Physalis angustifolia Nutt.

Coastal Groundcherry

Florida native

Franklin Co., FL 07/02/05
Sarasota Co. FL 10/15/19
Sarasota Co. FL 10/15/19
Sarasota Co. FL 10/15/19
Franklin Co., FL 07/02/05

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A small herbaceous plant of coastal dunes and strands from Wakulla County west through the panhandle as far as Louisiana, and from Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties south along the lower west coast of Florida into the keys.
Distinguished from the other groundcherries by the glabrous linear leaves that are longer than wide and that taper into the petiole. Leaves are alternate. Flowers and fruit similar to P. walteri.


Physalis angustifolia is a member of the Solanaceae - Potato family.

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