Wild Florida Photo - Sagittaria graminea - Grassy arrowhead

Sagittaria graminea var. graminea

Grassy arrowhead
Duck potato

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 06/18/05
Volusia Co. FL 06/18/05

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A common plant of ponds, swamps and ditches throughout much of Florida. Of the Sagittaria species that occur in Florida this is probably the most widespread in North America, ranging as far west as Arizona, then northeast into Ontario and Quebec, including all of the eastern Canadian provinces. In addition to the central and eastern United States, grassy arrowhead is also found in Washington state.
This species has basal grasslike leaves. The lower female flowers bloom first, followed by the male flowers above. The graminea variety has leaves less than 1cm wide and the pedicels of the female flowers are 3cm long or less. There are two other varieties of this species, var. chapmanii in which the flower stalk is branched, and var. weatherbiana which has wider (1cm or more) leaves and longer pedicels (4-6.5cm) of the female flowers.


Sagittaria graminea is a member of the Alismataceae - Water-plantain family.

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