Wild Florida Photo - Asimina pygmaea - Dwarf Pawpaw

Asimina pygmaea 

Dwarf Pawpaw

Florida native

Volusia Co. FL 10/21/06
Volusia Co., FL 
Volusia Co., FL 
Volusia Co., FL 04/28/02
Volusia Co. FL 10/21/06
Volusia Co. FL 10/21/06

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A frequent small shrub of sandhills and other dry pinelands of the central and north peninsula and west into Taylor and Madison Counties. Also found north of the St. Mary's River in Charlton and Camden Counties of Georgia.
Most often a short plant with the main stem strongly arching, although highly variable. Leaves may be narrowly elliptic, oblanceolate or obovate, but will typically be four times longer than wide. The flowers appear on the growth of the current season after the new season's leaves have appeared. The outer petals may be white, yellow or pink, but almost always having maroon streaks. The inner petals almost always maroon at maturity.
can be highly variable and like many of the pawpaws is known to easily hybridize with other species in the Annonaceae family.


Asimina pygmaea is a member of the Annonaceae - Custard-apple family.

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