Wild Florida Photo - Roystonea regia - Florida Royal Palm

Roystonea regia 

Florida Royal Palm
Royal Palm
Cuban Royal Palm

Synonym(s): Roystonea elata

Florida native

Endangered Florida species

Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve, Collier Co. FL 12/21/03
Matanzas Province, Cuba 02/19/19
Collier Co. FL 05/13/14
Collier Co. FL 05/13/14
Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve, Collier Co. FL 12/19/03

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A rare palm tree in the wild due to commercial exploitation. It is native to the swamps and cypress sloughs of extreme South Florida. The range includes the Carribean, Mexico and parts of Central America.
Florida royal palms have a tall, cylindrical, light gray trunk with an upper section just below the leaves that is smooth and green. The leaves grow to over 15 feet long and are pinnately divided into 4 rows of linear leaflets.
The royal palm is the national tree of Cuba. In the past the Florida and Cuban populations have been considered separate species but are now widely thought to be the same.

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Roystonea regia is a member of the Arecaceae - Palm family.

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