Wild Florida Photo - Palafoxia feayi - Feay's palafox

Palafoxia feayi

Feay's palafox

Florida native

Endemic to Florida

Lake Co. FL 10/03/14
Highlands Co. FL 02/06/05
Highlands Co. FL 02/06/05
Ocala National Forest 11/05/04
Ocala National Forest 11/05/04

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This perennial herb or shrub is found in sandhills, dry pine flatwoods, scrub, sandy thickets and ruderal sites from Marion & Volusia counties south into the keys.
Feay's palafox has alternate ovate to narrowly elliptic evergreen leaves. The clusters of white to pale purple tubular flowers with dark anthers are few and are terminal on long stalks.
The genus is named for José de Palafox y Melci, Duke of Saragossa (1776-1847), a Spanish captain-general best known for his actions against Napolean in the Peninsular War. The species name honors Wiliam T. Feay M.D. (1803-1879), who collected plants in the southern United States.

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Palafoxia feayi is a member of the Asteraceae - Aster family.

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