Wild Florida Photo - Vittaria lineata - Shoestring Fern

Vittaria lineata (L.)Sm.

Shoestring Fern

Florida native

Orange Co. FL 02/24/22
Highlands Co. FL 02/06/05

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A fern of hammocks in most of the Florida peninsula. Also found in at least 2 Georgia Counties.
Found most frequently growing on cabbage palms in clusters of drooping narrowly linear leaves. The dark green fronds are 1-3mm (up to 1/8 in.) wide and can reach up to a meter (~3 ft.) long, but usually shorter. The sori are in grooves near the edges of the leaves but hidden by the inrolled margins.
Shoestring ferns are epiphytic and often found in association with goldfoot fern and/or white octoblepharum moss (see "Moss and Fern Getting Along Famously" at Treasure Coast Natives).


Vittaria lineata is a member of the Pteridaceae - Maidenhair Fern family.

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